Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kadyn turns 3!

On September 14th, Kadyn turned 3!
It was a little bit of an off day.  This is Matthew's busy time for traveling.  Plus side, we are racking up the hotel rewards.  But he's in and out of state alot.  He actually had to miss Kadyn's birthday.  Let's be honest, is she going to remember?  Nope.  Are we grateful he has a job, that he loves nonetheless, in this type of economy? Yes.  As you can see, she had a nice birthday.  (love Kloey's face in the background)

And you can see the difference in pictures when Matthew takes them (kacey's birthday) and when I take them (kadyn's birthday).  He's much more camera crazy than I am.  So here are 2 pictures! :)

 As the day continued, Kadyn went downhill.  She started the 2 week fiasco of sickness... which coincided in the 2 week fiasco of Matthew's traveling from NC to FL to NV (basically for me to do laundry) and to end with 6 days in CA.
 The day before her birthday started with an unexplainable fever.  The evening of her birthday began the cough.  The night of her birthday began the barking.  I was in the shower at about 9 pm, and I hear what I thought was Maggie.  And I was thinking, "why on earth is Maggie barking?"  Then I realized that it wasn't Maggie.  It was Kadyn.  So we started our naps in the shower.  Every hour, she woke up crying and coughing.  And off we went to lay on the floor in the shower.  Needless to say, I knew I wasn't getting Croup from all my moist air breathing.  Then the next day, Kylie had a temperature and got sick.  Then the next day was my scheduled "well-child" checkups, go figure.  He gave me a bunch of meds for the girls, in case... Kylie got better.  Kadyn was still fighting it off days later.  She slept with me, I did round the clock meds and cool compresses.  Meanwhile, exhausted didn't even explain how I felt.  Remember, Matthew's out of town.  Then I got sick, my throat was on fire.  My tongue was weird, I'll leave it at that.  I couldn't eat or drink soda.  And I get cranky when I don't get my cherry coke zero.  Matthew actually came home for a bit, and we went to Chili's to celebrate Kadyn's birthday.  She fell asleep in the fetal position next to me, on the bench, before our appetizer even came out.  That's how misable she was. :(
Now Kloey has it.  However, I think she's teething... no cough.  Just cries when her hands are in her mouth.  She's not too hungry, and she has a low grade temp.  Oh the rollercoasters of Mommyhood.

Cabo is 1 month away... ready for a countdown?  YES!

Kadyn's first day at Preschool!

Our 5th year at Tater Tot's Preschool, now here we go with child #3.  For those of you who don't know, Tate is my bestest friend and I'd do anything for her.  Love her so much, and I'm so grateful for all she does with my girls... she does a wonderful job teaching preschool.  My girls go into Kindergarten leaps and bounds ahead of the other kids.  (there was thought that Kacey should go into 1st grade this year... but age wise, maturity wise, she's just too young... even if she is super smart! lol)  But Tate becomes such a special person to each of the girls, because she truly loves them and teaches them so much, in such a fun way for those 3 hours she has them. 

 Kadyn was sooooooooooooo excited to finally be the one to get out of the car at Mrs. Tate's house.  She was so happy to have a bookbag and get homework like her big sisters.  And Mommy's so happy because it tuckers little Kadyn Maiden out so she's started taking naps while Kacey is in Kindergarten... which is when Kloey naps... which means Mommy has 2 hours, TWO HOURS, of a silent house.  Wow.

Kacey turns 5!

September 5th was Kacey's 5th birthday!  It was actually Labor Day, so we were all able to go out to lunch and celebrate... Kacey, as I remind everyone, is of the 5% of the population that were born on their actual due date.
I say that I can't believe she's 5, but bless her little stubborn heart, I feel like I've drudged through all her drama with every passing day, week, month, year.  Love her to pieces, but she gives me as much grief as the other 3 combined. 

But I will say, that no one loves me like that child does.  From day 1, she's had the ability to just mold right into my chest.  To hug and hold onto me as if she wanted to physically be inside my heart.  Love her sweet little Spirit, she may turn my every hair gray but that child is so special.  I remember being pregnant and having a dream that I was holding a little baby girl.  At that point, I had no idea Kacey was a girl.  All I remember was I was sitting down and there was lots of light behind me shining on her.  Without words, she told me her name was supposed to be Kacey.  And when I woke up, I told Matthew if we were having a girl... boy did I have a story for him.  And lo and behold, now we have our Kacey.  I joke and say no one loves me like she does, but it's very true.  If I were banished to the ends of the earth with no food/drink, this child would gladly come with me.
Lots of pictures from her birthday...
Kadyn keeping an eye on ALL the cupcakes!

 Under my brillant direction, Matthew always decorates the kitchen the night before birthdays.  Just something small, but the girls really look forward to it!
 Kloey and Papa... Kloey's got him wrapped around her teeny tiny finger.


 Our whole fun group, Aunt Judy was actually visiting too... we had a super great time :)  And we really miss her!
 Kloey's mouth open, "ummm I thought that was my bite?"


 Kylie labeled the day as "the worst day ever!"  She really liked all the presents Kacey got (you know all the summertime toy clearance finds....??), Kylie had a hard time... so too is life.

 I love my face here, "ok, can we clean up and do baths and go to bed... I'm tired." LOL
Happy Birthday Kacey Lacey :)  We love you!