Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today we saw cousin Frank and met for a yummy lunch at our favorite place in the Venetian! Frank was here on a business trip, we're hoping the next time he comes he'll bring Lisa and the boys with him! (hint hint Lisa)Kylie twirling her spaghetti... (we're Italian, no cutting spaghetti allowed)Check out that bruise... she went smack down on the cement (not today, a few days ago) No one else probably notices, but whenever we go to the Venetian the girls wear these shirts. They're red -safe color when eating Italian food- and the material wipes clean easily.(up and down pics) Fun pictures outside... one of these days we need to take a Gondola ride!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. I LOVE being able to sleep on my stomach again! ahhhh...

2. Having a washer and dryer... not that I've been w/o one, but ever think how easy that makes our lives??? Not having to wash everything by hand and then dry it outside.

3. I am super grateful that I'm not left to my own intelligence for certain things. I mean I consider myself an intelligent person, but I couldn't have invented the wheel much less anything more creative. Example: Solar panels to heat pool water from 68 degrees (FREEZING!) to 92 in 2.5 days. As cool as that seems and as intelligent as I think I am, I could have never invented that.

4. A compliment I got yesterday. A middle-aged man came up to me (I'd expect it from a woman or a mom, but a man really struck me as interesting) he came up to me and complimented me on how well-behaved my girls were. (HA, I'm thinking: "You should see them at home!!!") I graciously accepted the compliment and felt good about my Mommy skills.

5. This just made me happy... I have these 2 cute blue gingham dresses for Kacey and Kylie that they've never worn, they were going to wear them last Sunday. I put it on Kylie, it fit but it was way too short.... constant problem for her so we took it off and they wore something else. I was out shopping this week and I found a larger size for Kylie... so now I have them for Kylie, Kacey and Kadyn... the best part, it was clearanced to $2.40 and I had 20% off on top of that. SWEET!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun Fun

So (not saying it too loudly) don't want to jinx it... but I think I can handle 3. It's certainly not as bad as the transition was for me from 1 to 2. 2 to 3 has been quite manageable. Theory behind it, maybe now I've mastered the multitasking a little better. Who knows, either way, I think I can handle 3... (by no means do we go out, I can only handle 3 at home!)

Yesterday, we made pizza from scratch (thanks for the idea Missy!) The girls LOVED it, messy pizza dough all over our fingers... although we are boring, the only topping we enjoy is cheese, but we loaded it on!

I promise Kadyn is awake sometimes during the day. It seems all the pictures I post are of her asleep.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

All 4 Girls!
Kadyn's first day at church, she's also 2 weeks old today. Normally, I wouldn't be taking her to church this soon, except for the fact that it was Kylie's first Primary Program. So Kadyn and I stayed only for the Primary Program, which was the cutest thing ever! Kylie was so proud of herself walking up every time it was the Sunbeams turn to sing, smiling ear to ear. She was so happy! It's truly amazing how the leaders get the children to do all that, hats off to you guys... it was adorable! Matthew and I kept looking at eachother and nodding at the start of a new song... thinking, that's why she's been singing that song nonstop! Kacey was thoroughly confused as to why Kylie wasn't sitting with us, and why she didn't get to go be with Kylie.
Daddy never made it home from church by the time we needed to leave to go to church. (did that make sense?) So he missed Sunday Morning Pictures. He forgot about his stake meetings this morning, so I was left getting 4 females ready... I think I did okay :)
~no Kadyn's not matching Kylie and Kacey... she's too small, I can't get anything to fit her!!!