Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's go to Urgent Care...

I spent all evening and night worrying if Kacey was favoring that hand, was she not putting as much weight on it, does she normally do that with her left hand, all these questions. We were constantly trying to get her to do stuff to see how she'd do it. It was weird because she was using it to hold things and open drawers, but you could tell she was in pain if she had to put weight on it. And this morning I just got to the point that I couldn't handle it, so we went into the Urgent Care for an X-ray.

And she has a buckle fracture, aka torus fracture or incomplete fracture. Which is an "extremely common injury seen in children. Because children have softer bones, one side of the bone may buckle upon itself without disrupting the other side. Children commonly sustain this injury by falling on an outstretched hand." -which is what I assume happened, I didn't see her fall. They put a splint on it, and I put a sock over it so she doesn't play with the clasps.
We were referred to a Pediatric Orthopedic, who can't see us today (figures) so we go in first thing Monday morning for a cast. She should have it on for about three weeks. If you asked me a few days ago who I'd thought we'd be bringing to an orthopedic first, I'd say for sure Kylie. :)
The funny thing was, I've been thinking how lucky I am that Kacey and Kylie really aren't anything alike. At this age, Kylie was always jumping out of her crib and it always freaked me out. I really thought Kacey was too fearful to think of it, much less attempt it. I was wrong!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here we go again...

Kacey has learned how to jump out of her crib. I was in my bedroom and I hear Kacey crying and her voice was getting closer and closer to me. Lo and behold, she walks into the room. It was a very traumatic experience for her (she's not as daring as her sister, Kylie could climb in and out with no problems). Kacey didn't hurt herself -that I can tell- no bruises or bumps, although I think her right arm might be sore. I guess she landed on it or used it to brace herself while falling, but she's still able to crawl around on the floor to play chase with her sister and throws balls with it.. so I'm thinking she'll be fine. I bet she doesn't attempt it again.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So a little more positive than my last post.....

I really loved Elder Ballard's talk, during the Sunday afternoon session. I just really felt motivated and happy after listening to it. So one of his great pieces of advice to all mothers was to cherish the moments and not dwell or be bogged down with the day-to-day, endless tasks that come with motherhood. SO, I'm learning to cherish the moments and find the positive. Here are some of my examples so far this week.

1. Instead of dwelling on the fact that my munchkins were trailing pretzel crumbs all over my freshly cleaned floors, I relished in the moment that Kylie went into the pantry and got 4 long pretzels, graciously sharing 2 with her sister without being asked.

2. Instead of rolling my eyes as I see shoes, socks, and hairbows strewn all over my entry way and up my stairs, I'm enjoying the moment that Kylie has Kacey sit on the step and Kylie will take off Kacey's shoes for her when we come home from our errands.

Okay, these are just cute moments of the past few days.

1. I said to Kacey that she was pretty and she responded, "I know." :)

2. Kylie was laying with me in bed and she pointed on my face to my "beauty marks" and goes, "Mommy, you have polka dots!"

3. Kacey's learned to say, "What's Up!" It's so cute.

4. Here is a video clip from today after dinner. Kylie's working on her preschool homework, and Kacey is having some dried bananas for dessert. (Kacey says, "ME!" but it's hard to hear because she turns her head)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I just wanna sleep...

We've had a rough few days. Thursday night, Kacey fell off the slide and landed on her head. NOT the big slide that was just put together, the small Little Tykes one. She was sitting at the top ready to go down and just fell backwards!!! I was right there, but not close or fast enough. Landed on her head, right by our flower bed, on a brick. HMM, of course this was just about an hour before bedtime so I didn't want her to fall asleep if she had a concussion (I'm a paranoid mother). She had 3 bumps, big ones, and she was bleeding. I felt terrible, so I didn't sleep well because I kept bringing her in our bed so I could hold her and feel her breathing. Then Matthew put her back in her bed, but I kept going in her bedroom to kinda wake her up and make sure she was okay all through the night. She's fine now, but she's got a gash on the back of her head that will probably be there for a few months. It's covered by her curls, so it's not too obvious.

So, we get over that. Kacey can still say all her words, and she's not walking funny or anything so I figure she's okay. Then Kylie gets super sick. She was complaining that her tummy hurt at bedtime, which if you have a youngster... you know better than to fall for that. So we just said yeah yeah, rub your tummy, all better. She ended up throwing up for 3 hours that night. Not fun. It was everywhere, all over me, her room, the bathroom. Enough about that. We were able to conclude that it was from the nacho cheese at the Target Snack Bar. Anyway, when she finally laid back down to sleep, I slept on her floor next to her just in case she'd wake up again. (My husband's freaking out right now.... yes, he offered at least 10 times to sleep there instead of me, but I wasn't going to sleep well if I was in bed in my room or on the floor in her room because I'd be worried about her, so I just stayed there). She's much better now, she's a little sleepy because I'm keeping her on a bland diet, but she really wanted to go to Church and she was just fine so now.... I just want to sleep!!! :)