Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's go to Urgent Care...

I spent all evening and night worrying if Kacey was favoring that hand, was she not putting as much weight on it, does she normally do that with her left hand, all these questions. We were constantly trying to get her to do stuff to see how she'd do it. It was weird because she was using it to hold things and open drawers, but you could tell she was in pain if she had to put weight on it. And this morning I just got to the point that I couldn't handle it, so we went into the Urgent Care for an X-ray.

And she has a buckle fracture, aka torus fracture or incomplete fracture. Which is an "extremely common injury seen in children. Because children have softer bones, one side of the bone may buckle upon itself without disrupting the other side. Children commonly sustain this injury by falling on an outstretched hand." -which is what I assume happened, I didn't see her fall. They put a splint on it, and I put a sock over it so she doesn't play with the clasps.
We were referred to a Pediatric Orthopedic, who can't see us today (figures) so we go in first thing Monday morning for a cast. She should have it on for about three weeks. If you asked me a few days ago who I'd thought we'd be bringing to an orthopedic first, I'd say for sure Kylie. :)
The funny thing was, I've been thinking how lucky I am that Kacey and Kylie really aren't anything alike. At this age, Kylie was always jumping out of her crib and it always freaked me out. I really thought Kacey was too fearful to think of it, much less attempt it. I was wrong!


Mikki said...

Oh man! Sorry to hear it was worse than it appeared to be at first. You're such a terrific mom.You're tuned in and know when she's not behaving normally.

Mikki said...

I love the picture of big sister comforting her. How sweet!

Missy said...

Poor baby!! We know all about that, Ry has broken her arm and leg. Who's the ortho? Does the splint seem to bother her?

the meyer fam said...

yes we know all about that too!! Allie got a buckle fracture on the same arm at 19 months, and then 2 more in her leg just a few months later. Just give her lots of Motrin and be so glad that you are a good mommy and didn't wait a week to take her to the doctor like I did with Allie!! :)

and who is the ortho?? We have gone to childrens bone and spine and they are the best!!!

dadTB said...

Kacey, Kacey, Kacey... I hope that cutie heals very quickly and gets back to jumping out of cribs and falling off of Little Tyke Slides backwards... ;-0

My goodness, it's all about raising children. Isn't it? I remember as a young child never having to worry much about life's little built in dangers. That all definitely changed with parenthood!

Kacey is in our prayers. Please tell her that her favorite uncle and aunt(yet to be seen) have her in our bedtime prayers tonight.

God bless her and keep her safe as her arm heals.

Enough is enough, already. :-)

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

thepainterfamily said...

WOW! Mothers instinct! way to go! I am so sorry about her little fracture!...but she sure looks cute in her sling...and looks like her big sis is taking good care! :)