Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

 From a few posts ago, I spoke of adorable yellow/grayish skirts and here they are.  The girls wore them to church this past Sunday, sooooooo cute!

I had to post this one, such little personalities with their hips shifted out to the side.  I can only imagine what they'll be like when they are teenagers.
 AND, moving right along to my recent projects and endeavors...
I LOVE pinterest; it's actually great motivation.  I force myself to do a few chores of the day before I get to embark on my new fun thing.

The Fridge!!!
Dollar Store bins and a method of organization, which I'm really proud of!

 Each bin is labelled with the stuff it contains.  Yes, I said labelled... it looks nice that way!  And I don't have to listen to Matthew ask 15 times, "where's the cheese?"  There's "Spreads" which is all the various cream cheeses, laughing cows, guacamole, veggie dip, honey butters, etc etc.  There's "Leftovers" which essentially is meals from the past 3 days prepackaged into small portions to serve as lunches for Kloey over the next few days.  Then there's "Sandwiches" and this one is genius.  When you want a sandwich, take the bin.  Instead of searching the whole fridge for every last sandwich choice, it's all there!  All luncheon meats and many cheeses... and in our house, we all have different preferences.  Then lastly, there's "Lunches" and this is so helpful too.  I keep all the quick snacks I always throw in lunches, Danimal Yogurt Smoothies or Go-Gurt, String Cheese, small packs of Mandrin Oranges (the only fruit Kylie eats), baby carrots in little ziplocks.  It is so funny how this brings me such joy!!! :)  hahaha
 I also have recently attacked our linen closet... well cabinets.  They were chaotic, sheets and towels everywhere.  Again, I got Dollar Store baskets and labelled them!
 A little more up close.  Baskets are labelled: wash cloths, hand towels, (then the bath towels are rolled.  And on the other side is: twin flat sheets, twin fitted sheets, pillow cases, and all things king.  Which makes it super convenient when you are changing munchkin sheets in the middle of the night!
And all this is less than a week!!!  Talk about motivation!  Although my laundry was piling up something awful! lol, but 6 people's oufits a day can mean overflowing laundry bins by day 3 of me not doing laundry.

One more fun and easy task that knocks my socks off........ lunch creativity!

Lunch Creativity

 So I organized my fridge and made it super easy for quick grabbing of stuff.  And this is so key with our lifestyle.  Our house is JUMPING with energy and with stuff going on.  There's a huge difference from last year to this year.  Everyone's got their own schedules and things they need and stuff going on... and we can't waste time searching for things (it also makes people whiny and draws me away from something else maybe more important at that very moment)... and everyone (on various levels) needs to be able to fiend (maybe bad word choice) but work it out for themself... or even be able to properly help a sibling.  Independence is a great thing.  And organization is our KEY, our answer to make our house run smoother... and keep my sanity.

There's one thing I have been dying to do: spice up Kylie's lunches.  I'm even bored by them!  She's such a picky eater; she only eats a few things and she only has 20 minutes to do it.  SO, (have I mentioned I hit the Dollar store??), lunch tupperware with a lid and RUBBER cupcake containers.  This makes me excited to make her lunch, then after I put the lid on it... I tie it with a ribbon and make a bow... like it's a present :)  Now we are talking... some lunchtime excitement!!!

Kylie's lunch: pepperoni, cashews, string cheese, mandrin oranges, yogurt smoothie, and a fruit chewy bar.... and a capri sun drink but it didn't fit in.  Lots of items in there, a few bites of everything and easy peasy to eat and enjoy in her little 20 minute lunch break..... and of course a love note from mom <3

Kadyn has play dates every Tuesday afternoon after Preschool and on the days the playdate is not at my house, she likes a packed lunch.  Who knows why?!?!  I think it comes down to she likes carrying it.  Kadyn likes more food types, I can be more creative with her: cashews, cheddar cheese slices, crackers, carrots, shaved turkey, and sliced strawberries.
NOW that just makes me happy! :)

Matthew laughs at me and my pinterest fun... little does he know, I'm going to be "pinterest-ify-ing" his lunch VERY soon! :)
I just need to find a tupperware big enough!