Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We're still here

Yes, we are still alive and functioning.
I'm feeling quite lousy, and it's all I can do to survive the day to day.  In fact, I broke my 3 year long resolution of writing in the girls' journals every month.  The month slipped by me, not sure how... I was certainly miserable every long day... but I'll have to make up for it this month with my entries.
The girls are well!  I did take a gender test, but I took a different one than I took with Kadyn.  I liked that the results were immediate so I wouldn't have to wait for the call from the lab like I did with Kadyn.  However, I just found out that they have a class-action lawsuit against them.  Their claim of being 93% effective is really only a 50% effective rate.... which is about as good as me just guessing.  Long story short, if I ordered the test (I took with Kadyn), by the time it got here, I took it, sent it back, got it processed by the labs, and got the results... my real ultrasound would be only 2 weeks away... so it doesn't seem worth the $400 for me just to find out 2 weeks later.  So that's where we're at with that...
Here's a quick picture I took of Kadyn the other day, lunchtime I think.  Spaghetti takes alot out of you!
And here's a cute one of Little Miss Kacey.
Do you notice anything different about her?
Hmmm?  Look for it...
Straight hair. 
Yes, it may take 25 minutes because I have to do little sections at a time... and a whole lot of styling product with a straightening iron, but it tickles her to pieces to see herself in straight hair!  So we occasionally do it.  Of course she always tells me she wants straight hair on days that I do the morning car pool, and we're in a super rush anyways to get out the door.... but the things we do for beauty!!!  And would you figure, it's raining today.  All that hardwork and it's all I can do to protect her little head... a couple of raindrops and it curls right back up :)