Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So we're coming back into town after a vacation... and how great do I have it???!!!!
While we were away, my mom did all my ironing (and the worst- Matthew's dress shirts that need all the starch and whatnot, I probably had 2 dozen shirts hanging up in the laundry room), she cleaned and organized my pantry, my refridgerator, my freezer, my 2 other cleaning/storage closets... she took care of our Maggie Moo Moo's, which includes medication every 12 hours and all the various potty breaks, she started my cars... found my van battery dead, called AAA and waited for them and got a new battery (which was FREE because her and I together as a team are unstoppable!), wiped down all 4 bathrooms just to make them "sparkle," picked up my contacts from Sam's Club, picked up the girls' new ballet slippers I ordered from the dance store when they finally got delivered, added various chemicals every few days for maintenance of the pool, and got my mail... AND is stocking me up with fresh milk, bread, etc... how awesome is my MOM!!!!!! :) Momma, you're the best! :)