Saturday, May 9, 2009

POOL time!

The pool got up to 90 today, so that's where we spent our afternoon! SO fun!
This was Kadyn's first pool experience- well not being in my belly. It was nice not being pregnant and being in the pool.

PS- Okay, it's summertime so we get asked all the time. That red mark on her arm is called a hemangioma. It's a benign self involuting tumor that appeared when she was about 2 days old and has gotten larger (typical). It will eventually disappear by age 8-9-10 leaving minimal to no visible marks. It's more common in boys, and most often on the face or trunk. SO we consider Kadyn very special for having it-- and it being on her right arm. (It's probably because I read too many vampire books while pregnant.) But it looks like lip marks. I tell Kylie and Kacey that Kadyn was kissed by Heavenly Father before she came to us and that's why she has it. But now we won't be asked another 500 times about it, not that it bothers us, but we repeat it alot :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

This made me smile...

So keeping track... this is the 6th night in a row that I've done bathtime/bedtime by myself. Matthew's been gone for what seems like forever. And I feel like I deserve an award... Kari (one of my fabulous roommates from BYU... Kaylan obviously being the other fabulous one!!! love you girls!!!!!) must have been in tune with me, because she sent me this and it totally made my day! Thanks girl, Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Green Day

A whole new meaning to going green...
Thank you Aunt Judy for all the pretty dresses!!!
We miss you Daddy, try to survive the humidity (hehe!).
He's been there for 12 hours and he's already complained about 8 times.

Kylie took this one, she wanted her picture she took on the blog... this was the best one~~ my head was cut off in the others :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


*Quick Week's Highlights*

-Soccer Game yesterday... we WON! Kylie even scored a goal yesterday, WAHOO! (yes, she got $5)

- Yesterday, we used the pool for the first time! Matthew's already sunburnt (not kidding). I just can't wait for my babies to be tan again, I love that.

-Kacey developed a fever out of the blue. She's got no symptoms at all, other than being really hot. Needless to say, no church for her.

-Matthew's already left for a business trip in Boca Raton all week. He was just gone 2 weeks ago, for an entire week. This stinks, but Kylie's excited because when he's gone I let her sleep in my bed.

-With all that said, no Sunday afternoon pictures which is a shame because I had cute outfits picked out... :)