Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's been going on lately?!?!?!

Kylie finished school on Thursday, June 9th.  So sad to say goodbye to Ms. Carter (and Simmons in general).  Ms. Carter has been truly a wonderful teacher to Kylie.  Kylie is not one to get emotional and choked up, but it's hard for her to leave Ms. Carter and she doesn't want too.  I was very surprised, she did not do this for kindergarten!  Here are a couple pictures from the end of school activities:

This was a Saturday at the school's carnival.  This is Brian.  He's in Kylie's class.  Kylie likes him, (his hair specifically).  She's sad to leave him too at Simmons and in our ward, however "it's okay because they both have plans of going to UNLV together."  Or so she tells me.  As you can see Matthew in the background is less than thrilled! LOL
 This was a memory book they made, cute page.  More pictures from field day on the bottom.
 Kylie's class play... she's on the end :)
 Little Monkey, she's amazing on those things.  I could never do that!!!
 OH YES, I still coupon.  But now, I can get cheap gas too.  Regular price was $3.69, you see that???? $1 off a gallon.  What makes this better is that Matthew and my car were both there and we filled them both up for $80!!!
 SO, Matthew's traveling for work.  Denver again this week.  Yaya left us to go see Oma.  This is what we do every single day.  Papa actually fell asleep yesterday.  Remind me not to leave him in charge! LOL
 3-4 hours in the pool everyday leads to tired little munchkins.  Kadyn apparently was too tired to go upstairs to her bed, so she made a make-shift bed on my family room coffee table.
 My bed when Matthew's not here.  How in the heck am I supposed to sleep with 3 munchkins crowding all around!
 We keep forgetting to do Sunday pictures.  I usually have some sort of meeting or activity in the morning for YW, so it throws us off.  Here's a quick Sunday picture from the cell phone.
 OH!  And ps- we have an apple tree in the backyard.  Matthew and the girls also planted peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries.  I guess we will see how it goes!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Field Day!

The first grade color of the day was green!  She came home sopping wet and happy as anything!!!  She smelled so bad, her shoes were soaked!!!

 Notice how Kylie is right there ready to hit the ball.  That's totally her.