Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tinkerbells and the Homecoming Game

SO!  Apparently we have some fun connections with Legacy High School, and Matthew was asked to drive a fancy vehicle for the Homecoming Court.... AND the school theme this year (which they decorated their floats all with) was Disney movies and Disney princesses... SO our said connections let us dress the girls up and be in the Homecoming Parade at the high school football game on Friday night!
Us gearing up to go!
 Did not plan on it being so cold.  Kylie and Kacey were gone getting ready to be a part of the parade, I had Kloey bundled in my arms, guarding my purse with the hoodlums to either side of me (ready to tell them to watch their language), with camera in hand... poor Kadyn was struggling.  It was late, naptime wasn't too good that day, but James stepped up to the plate and filled in and kept Kadyn warm.  Matthew's less than thrilled, but me and his mom are good friends so it's okay... for now :)

The vehicle line up... Ferrari, Prowler, and Lamborghini
It's hard to see, but the girls are in the front seat waving to the crowd... Matthew's driving.  AND James' dad announces at the games and gave a huge SHOUT OUT to the girls... super cool! :)

Matthew's coveted vehicle... but Andrew owned the shop, so he gets the fanciest car... only fair :)
Fun night, gotta say I was exhausted by the time we got home.  AND it made me feel old.  No details, but looking around while I was there... I'm getting old.  Not cool.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Pictures

Finally back up and running again!
We woke up at 7:30 (yes we have 9 am church).  Matthew didn't have meetings this morning, it threw me off.  Usually I sleep while hearing him shower and knowing I need to get up soon.  Not today, all of a sudden it was late.  We recouped on time though, amazing how much faster things get going in the morning with another adult on my side!
I keep saying that I need to grab my camera and just take pictures of Kloey, otherwise I'll have gaps in my pictures and I'll miss all her cute stages.  Love this picture though, notice the dress pulled up so you can see all those rolley polley thighs.
 All 4, I didn't have matching for Kloey but it's brown and polka dot so I considered it a success.  No worries, I have dresses in 4's.  Just not fitting Kloey this young, they grow so fast right now.  Wait until she's about a year, you'll see matching in 4's I promise... I REALLY look forward to it.
Kadyn's facial expressions crack me up.
FAMILY UPDATE:  Need to take Kloey in soon for another ultrasound on her kidneys.  Both were enlarged, and we're monitoring it.  They keep asking me if she has good wet diapers, and she does.  She has no problems at all, hopefully we'll be done with this soon.  Next item, Disneyland is very soon in our future... we are VERY excited!  Personally, I'm just thrilled to go and NOT be pregnant.   I got a new calling, Primary Secretary... I'm thrilled to be doing it, we have a wonderful group of girls in the presidency and I could not be happier.  We get together for meetings and just have a blast!  AND one last final update, Halloween is soon and the family theme is Tinkerbell.  I tried to do variations, but all the girls wanted to be Tinkerbell so that's what we did.  On that note, Matthew will be dressing up as Peter Pan.  Stay tuned for the tights :)