Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Morning Pictures

All 4 Girls!
It's the best we could do... And yes, before I get the comments, I know they don't match completely.  The color/prints don't match, but their identical styles of the same dress--- sometimes that's the best I can do when I'm shopping.  Kylie grew like 3 inches since May.  Consequently, some of her dresses in our collection of 3's are a wee bit short!!!

Kadyn was in a bit of a mood.  She's having a tough time going to Nursery (this was taken after church).  I've been in Nursery since she was 15 months, next month she'll be 2... she only knows Nursery with ME in it.  So she's having a rough time, although a wonderful friend of mine is bound and determined to get her there and happy before I get to church with Kloey.  (love her!)
Love her hair, she's so precious!
And her first black eye. 
She fell on/in Kacey's bed yesterday while we were doing some bedroom rearranging.  I wasn't there, so I'm not entirely sure how it all happened.  Poor thing.  It's not swollen shut, I was telling her to close her eyes so I could get it's full effect.