Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Of course, Easter began with us coloring many, many, many eggs.  I've got 3 dozen colored eggs in my fridge.  We haven't touched one of them... and I'm not sure if anyone else smells it, but the pregnant woman doesn't like it!  They'd be gone if they weren't so CUTE!
Us hard at work!
Somehow Kadyn went from this...
To this in only a few minutes... (?)
Let's move onto Easter morning, which began with finding our Easter baskets!
The amount of candy they got was ridiculous!  As well as presents from both sets of grandparents, and new dvds-- The Princess and the Frog and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  The girls were on candy highs and presents overload all day long.  I was really glad to put them to bed that night... although Matthew and I found candy wrappers under the beds- LOTS of them!  Little sneaks! :)
Notice their flip-flops are on.  We're prepared... they knew one of many Easter egg hunts in the backyard was coming!

Back inside actually looking through all their gifts...
And -my favorite- our meal!
Ham, ribs, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, and steaming hot butter biscuits!!!
And fun news... Kylie can ride her bike! (no training wheels)
Matthew said she pretty much got it on her own.  I walked outside today, he was doing yardwork... (this is his happy yardwork face)
And this was Kylie.  She's good too!  She can stop and go with no problem.  I had no idea!!!
Bike's a little small, it's for her age... but she's got long legs.  I have a feeling we'll be buying her a new bike very soon.
This is what we affectionately call "Boyd Circle."
Our own little street circle in front of our house that we really don't share with anyone... makes it nice for bike riding!
PS- Pictures of the new bedroom (aka Maggie's old bedroom) are coming.  I've been waiting 6 weeks on wallborder!!!  It's shipped from the manufacturer, it should be at Lowe's in a few days... so more pictures to come on that.  The bedroom is just gorgeous, I love it!!!