Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kacey's 4th Birthday!

She looks sweet enough, right?!?! 
WRONG! :) 
 She is by far our most dramatic, most demanding, most difficult daughter... like by leaps and bounds compared to her other sisters.  BUT that's who she is, she didn't sleep a wink until she was 18 months old.  Cried for a good year, straight... wouldn't take a bottle (I bought and tried every single one).  It was her labor that the epidural wore off, and the nurses were pushing on my stomach to get her out quickly.  But it's all what makes her HER and we love her for it!!!   
However I must say, there is no one on this earth who loves me more than this child.  She's a Mommy's girl for sure, she'd walk the ends of the earth with me... barefoot, on hot coals, just so she could be with me.  If I was kidnapped and everyone gave up searching for me, she'd keep looking. 
Kacey is a great big sister, loves her little Kloey and said throughout my pregnancy that Kloey would be her favorite.  She's amazingly smart, something very natural.  She observes and absorbs everything... she's always had such great verbal and communication skills.  I remember being at her 12 month appt, and the dr told me to have her do something.  So she listened to him and just did it... and he looked at me and said, "did she understand me?"  Yup.  She's a smart little cookie, sometimes a little too smart... and she has me wrapped around her finger... and what's bad is she knows it.
Her Birthday Decorations, equipped with every necessary princess balloon.
Her yellow (favorite color) birthday cake, with sprinkles and little chocolate chips.
We had a pizza party this afternoon, followed by her cake and presents!
Blowing out the candles!!!
Apparently Kadyn was helping her blow too, I wish I got that on camera!!!
And let's face it, at this age... it's all about the presents!
Sunday Morning Pictures
Kloey's screaming, Kadyn's not even looking drinking her sippy cup, Kylie has no front teeth (top or bottom)... but Kacey is as happy as a clam!
The Pineapple Princesses!
See the crown, yes she had it on all through church!!!