Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daisy Days, Soccer, and Sunday Morning Pictures!

I'm trying to get back into the habit of taking pictures regularly...
they're just too cute to not be taking pictures of them.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Gymboree?  Love that store, LOOOOVE that outlet!  Kinda getting into the little girls outfits being one way but the baby girls outfits being another, however all of it similar and matching because their from the same line... hence, DAISY DAYS!

Team Picture
We had our first game yesterday!
It's so much fun.  I'm really excited to be starting it up again this year.  Matthew's coaching again this year with our good friend Casey (his wife is Kacey's preschool teacher- if you want to piece it together).
There's HUGE difference between last year and this year in the kids' abilities (we pretty much have the same kids as last year which is great).  It makes it fun to watch.  I will admit, it gets a little intense... well I get a little worked up.  I have to breath and look the other way and calm down, they're just 6.
Kylie loves being goalie.
Like she wants to do it all the time.
She throws a bit of a tantrum to Matthew and bugs him the whole week prior as to when she gets to be goalie.
He tries to be fair- everyone gets an equal chance.  It's just annoying to hear her start on Tuesday about her game on Saturday :)

*Sunday Morning Pictures*
I am feeling very on the ball!
9 am church, everyone ready... Matthew already gone to his early meetings, but we did everything and we were early... AND we took pictures! I get an 'A' for the day.
Kadyn loves Kylie :)
Kadyn calls her "Dolly."  That's her version of Kylie.
Kacey is "Cici."
And the funny part of it is, both older girls know when Kadyn is calling her version of their name.