Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Matching Girls

Yup, I swore I would never dress them alike. And now, I just can't help myself! They are too cute. I've even got matching easter dresses for them too.

I can't believe Kacey is 6 months old! Y esteday was technically her half birthday. She is getting so big and has such a little personality. Yesterday night, Matthew and I heared Kacey giggling. We tip-toed over to her bedroom, Kacey was in her swing and Kylie had climbed into Kacey's crib. Kylie was throwing toys up in the air and catching them, and Kacey was laughing so hard at her sister! Kacey thought that was the best thing, and Kylie was thrilled to have an audience. The two of them make quite the pair, I'm gonna have my hands full in a few years (as if I don't already!).
Last night, Matthew went downstairs to give Kacey her dinner. I keep telling everyone that she loves vegetables, and it's really hard to get her to eat fruits. He decides that I must be crazy, so he tries to give her peaches. Two minutes later, I hear him say that Kacey's not hungry and she won't eat. Lo and behold, I come downstairs 10 minutes later, and she chowing down on sweet potatoes! This child will not eat fruits, and then we can't shovel the peas/carrots/squash/etc down her mouth fast enough. She's so funny like that.