Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Sweet Little Kacey

So we had a fun night last night, some friends came over and the girls were able to play their little hearts out. It got late, we did baths... and (long story short) she ended up hurting her arm (yes, the same arm) really, really bad. She wouldn't stop crying. She was holding her arm and wouldn't let it go... wouldn't let me go near it. So, I'm freaking out. Called my mom who heard Kacey's blood curdling screams and said, yeah ER now. Called my husband (who was in a movie with a friend- Dark Knight, in IMAX one day and one day only!) who had to leave the movie early and drag poor Steve with him since Matthew drove.

So after an hour of her horror movie type screaming, crocodile tears, nearly hyperventilating, the whole 9 yards. She decides she's all better. You don't understand, it's 9 pm, I'm offering her lollipops, coke, cookies, anything to get her to just calm down- nothing worked. Matthew and my mom come over... she's fine. Completely over it.

Matthew's thinks it was psychological, fear setting in from the last time. I don't know what it was, I'm so happy we don't have to do all that again. But I just don't understand (?) there's no way, NO WAY she was faking it, she was in severe pain and then it all vanished. (?)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. Slobbery, wet baby kisses. Along with the times that Kadyn just finds any piece of my skin and starts sucking away. She's actually doing it right now to my arm while I type, it's so cute.

2. I'm going to jinx myself, I dare not mention it... I'll say it in a whisper, so read it softly... no car troubles. We haven't replaced the brakes in my van in a while -I go through those things. I know, I've completely jinxed myself.

3. My girls have been giving me longer spurts to sleep. I usually only get 3 hours at at time. Nighttime can be busy in our house, Kacey talks in her sleep... she can have full-blown out conversations and sometimes she even gets mad and yells (at first it freaked Matthew and I out, now we're used to it)... Kadyn, well she's still a baby so it's expected for her to wake up... but they all have been sleeping so well! I've been sleeping ALL night for quite a few days in a row!

4. Enrichment tonight, fun girl's night out!!!

5. Warmer weather, specifically because it lessens the laundry loads. With the cold, my girls have on undershirts, long sleeve shirts with sweaters or hoodies on top, socks for the day, socks for nighttime, big jammies... all that stuff day by day adds up to a massive laundry pile. With warmer weather, flip flops, shirt and shorts... no big bulky jeans to wash. As I'm folding all my many loads of laundry, I'm anticipating that warmer weather right around the corner!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Is today almost over yet? I don't mean that badly, but I think we're just off in our house. The girls were having WW3 in our row during Sacrament Meeting. Don't know if you heard them, you ALL probably did! Then for more fun times, my sweet little angel face decided to wet her diaper so much that it got me nice and wet. Needless to say, we left RS a little early. Seriously, bed time please.
Back to Sunday Afternoon PicturesKacey's upset because Kylie got to use the camera (to take this picture) and Kacey wanted to take it but it was Kylie's turn. Kacey got to take another picture, all was fair. I love this though, she is such a cutie. She's pouting, face in her hands on the couch.
And Kacey's over it, she forgets very easily... unlike her dramatic sister (the older one) ~~~and don't say I pick on her Mom (my mom says I pick on Kylie but I say it's my attempt to discipline the wild child--- Kylie's more stubborn than me, I didn't think that was possible) :)
Breakfast time, this was too cute... the little ones and their computers, we're busy women- not a minute to waste!!!
** Bed time is close now thank goodness, not sure how many more times Kylie will sit on time- out. During dinner, I was telling her that she needed to stop misbehaving and act like a good girl. And apparently, she began mimicking me behind my back. Matthew saw it... not good times for Kylie.

Oh Boy!

Yesterday Matthew and I went out for lunch and a movie (we saw Bride Wars, he lost rock/paper/scissors in the ticket line)... Anyway, my mom stayed with the girls and apparently they had a VERY interesting conversation...

Kylie told Yaya that she's going to have little brother. My mom prodded her with some questions, so Kylie spilled her "knowledge." Apparently, he's going to grow in my tummy when Kadyn is able to walk. He's going to have yellow hair like her and blue eyes. She's very troubled though because she doesn't know what his name should be. Yaya told her not to worry about that yet... we have some time (because I'm not even close to being pregnant). So my mom told me about it, and I've been asking Kylie questions. She gives me the exact same answers although she added that I'll have him when Kadyn's 2 years old. Somebody should have explained to her that I am quite done thank you!

* I just realized something. Has nothing to do with Kylie's little epiphany. Kacey will have nearly the exact same wardrobe for the next 3+ years. Because everything Kacey has now, Kylie has and Kacey will soon grow into. I knew that in a round-about way, but it never fully dawned on me. Kinda funny. Poor girl's gonna get sick of her clothes. It's rough being the middle child.