Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh Boy!

Yesterday Matthew and I went out for lunch and a movie (we saw Bride Wars, he lost rock/paper/scissors in the ticket line)... Anyway, my mom stayed with the girls and apparently they had a VERY interesting conversation...

Kylie told Yaya that she's going to have little brother. My mom prodded her with some questions, so Kylie spilled her "knowledge." Apparently, he's going to grow in my tummy when Kadyn is able to walk. He's going to have yellow hair like her and blue eyes. She's very troubled though because she doesn't know what his name should be. Yaya told her not to worry about that yet... we have some time (because I'm not even close to being pregnant). So my mom told me about it, and I've been asking Kylie questions. She gives me the exact same answers although she added that I'll have him when Kadyn's 2 years old. Somebody should have explained to her that I am quite done thank you!

* I just realized something. Has nothing to do with Kylie's little epiphany. Kacey will have nearly the exact same wardrobe for the next 3+ years. Because everything Kacey has now, Kylie has and Kacey will soon grow into. I knew that in a round-about way, but it never fully dawned on me. Kinda funny. Poor girl's gonna get sick of her clothes. It's rough being the middle child.


Missy said...

You are so having another one!
I realized the clothes thing with Chloe about 6 months ago, plus Riley informed me she doesn't like matching her sister anymore!
Sorry last night was such a bummer!

Shurtliff Family said...

What?!? You're done??? Since when??? I thought for sure you guys were gonna have like 15 kids! Just jokes. Seriously, boy?

The Foulgers said...

Oh, come on go for that little brother, or be like me and end up with 4 of the same sex!:) I love little conversations like that. The funny thing is I'm sure Kylie is convinced she will have a brother. Good luck with that one! BTW you look fabulous! What have you been doing? The weight just melted off you!