Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. Slobbery, wet baby kisses. Along with the times that Kadyn just finds any piece of my skin and starts sucking away. She's actually doing it right now to my arm while I type, it's so cute.

2. I'm going to jinx myself, I dare not mention it... I'll say it in a whisper, so read it softly... no car troubles. We haven't replaced the brakes in my van in a while -I go through those things. I know, I've completely jinxed myself.

3. My girls have been giving me longer spurts to sleep. I usually only get 3 hours at at time. Nighttime can be busy in our house, Kacey talks in her sleep... she can have full-blown out conversations and sometimes she even gets mad and yells (at first it freaked Matthew and I out, now we're used to it)... Kadyn, well she's still a baby so it's expected for her to wake up... but they all have been sleeping so well! I've been sleeping ALL night for quite a few days in a row!

4. Enrichment tonight, fun girl's night out!!!

5. Warmer weather, specifically because it lessens the laundry loads. With the cold, my girls have on undershirts, long sleeve shirts with sweaters or hoodies on top, socks for the day, socks for nighttime, big jammies... all that stuff day by day adds up to a massive laundry pile. With warmer weather, flip flops, shirt and shorts... no big bulky jeans to wash. As I'm folding all my many loads of laundry, I'm anticipating that warmer weather right around the corner!!!!


Mikki said...

It's been SO nice lately. Much warmer than normal for January I think.
Love the big wet slobbery sloppy baby kisses, so sweet.
We were doing really well on the sleep thing. Jason sleeps through the night pretty much, Justin usually wakes up once or twice, but then settles himself back down. That all changed this weekend with grandma's here. Jon's mom didn't know that he'll soothe himself back to sleep, so she got up with him. Now we're back at square one. :o(

Missy said...

YAY for less laundry and more sleep!! I'm excited for tonight too.

The Foulgers said...

I'm glad you're getting more sleep. I always say a rested momma is a happy momma. I wish we could get some of that warmer weather. Less laundry is always a bonus! Have fun at enrichment tonight!:)

Sheri said...

I totally agree about the laundry. I can't wait for flip flops. I wear them in the winter still, but not the kids. Hey LAcie sometimes talk in her sleep to. I am told she gets it from me. I never hear myself talking, lol.

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

I wish we could say that our laundry load was getting lighter yet in Idaho it is getting worse!!! Enjoy living in warm Vegas because we all are jealous here!