Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Is today almost over yet? I don't mean that badly, but I think we're just off in our house. The girls were having WW3 in our row during Sacrament Meeting. Don't know if you heard them, you ALL probably did! Then for more fun times, my sweet little angel face decided to wet her diaper so much that it got me nice and wet. Needless to say, we left RS a little early. Seriously, bed time please.
Back to Sunday Afternoon PicturesKacey's upset because Kylie got to use the camera (to take this picture) and Kacey wanted to take it but it was Kylie's turn. Kacey got to take another picture, all was fair. I love this though, she is such a cutie. She's pouting, face in her hands on the couch.
And Kacey's over it, she forgets very easily... unlike her dramatic sister (the older one) ~~~and don't say I pick on her Mom (my mom says I pick on Kylie but I say it's my attempt to discipline the wild child--- Kylie's more stubborn than me, I didn't think that was possible) :)
Breakfast time, this was too cute... the little ones and their computers, we're busy women- not a minute to waste!!!
** Bed time is close now thank goodness, not sure how many more times Kylie will sit on time- out. During dinner, I was telling her that she needed to stop misbehaving and act like a good girl. And apparently, she began mimicking me behind my back. Matthew saw it... not good times for Kylie.


thepainterfamily said...

yes, sounds like quite the Sunday!

I'm always bewildered as to WHY certain Sundays are so "interesting" while other times they do great!

The High Family- said...

I often wonder why I attend church, I am either breaking up a fight or walking the halls with Carter. Oh, the joys of church. The pictures are so cute. Love the one with their mini computers!

dadTB said...

Has Kylie learned how to use Matt to change the decision that you've made? For example... After asking you if she can do something and you have told her no, she runs off to find Matthew and asks him the same question hoping he'll give her opposite answer. Then when you catch her in the act, she'll blame her father for allowing her permission.

If not, be prepared! She is such a smart cookie and may start manipulating situations to her benefit. :-)

They are such cuties. Your stories seem to tell a tale of little ones who get along rather well most of the time. That's a blessing.

As a middle school counselor, I would have many, many discussions with parents about family life. I had a little theory that the real parenting started once the third child enter the family. LOL

I still have boys on my 9th grade basketball team that pout. I'm not sure if that ever goes away. Hold fast and they will learn that no matter how much they pout, guilt will never drive your parental decisions. (Easier said than done, for sure!)

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Gotta love kids! At least your girls always look amazing! Sorry we couldn't see you while we were in Vegas by the way! We were there a total of 5 days and both of his parents had every night planned! I wish we could have! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas though!

Nicole said...

Sunday's are so hard now that we have church at 1. Thats right during Bailey's nap time she is so bad.

Mikki said...

Love the breakfast table shot!!
No, I couldn't hear you guys over my little monsters on Sunday. They were much fussier than usual. I'm surprised I wasn't kicked out of the meeting! LOL