Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey wait... It's March?!?!?

Yeah so that's how I feel.
When did it become March?  Mid March for that matter??
Kylie's birthday is less than a week away.  The excitement is building.  She's doing the Talk in Primary also (her birthday is on a Sunday).  HAHA, we are in that Primary room nearly every Sunday... somehow someone in our family always has the talk!  We got asked yesterday if we just have a book of talks ready at home, because somehow it's always us.  Probably because my girls always volunteer; they love it... and we totally love sitting in to watch also.
So preparing for her birthday and baptism, I'm swarming with ideas.  Thank heavens for my laundry room, I have my continued project mounds all over.
 I did get my St Patricks' Day teacher gifts done a bit ahead of time, knowing it would be here all too soon... the note says: You are my Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.  Super cute :)
 And my Pinterest addiction continues with organized drawers: under shirts and underwear.  I did the same thing with the socks and pajama drawers.
 AND we're gearing up for her big day!!!!
I made a special graphic to be put on her cake.  I'm making decorations, I'm so fortunate to have an amazingly talented friend who's completely taking over the food for me... On that note, FRIENDS.... I need your crockpots! :)
Homemade Cafe Rio, and she makes it sooooo good.  She usually caters our big Stake Relief Society activities with her yummy deliciousness.  I'm so excited, and so lucky that she's my friend! :)

 And, did I mention we were just in charge of the combined Young Mens/Young Womens last week.  Minute to Win It, it was awesome. 
 We have about 70 active youth... so it was a super crazy fun night!  There were huge preparations involved to get it to come together (thank heavens I have 3 beehive advisors), and at times I felt like I was herding cats with the youth... but it was awesome!