Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Wedding

On Saturday, Matthew's youngest brother Aaron got married.  We were so excited, because they were married here in the Las Vegas Temple.  Nearly all of Matthew's family is on the east coast... but we really lucked out because given that I'm 9 months pregnant, it was only a hop-skip-jump away for us and we were able to attend!
Matthew doing a few pictures of us on the pretty Temple grounds.  Unfortunately, he's taking all the pictures you see here... so I have none of him.  Let me inform you, he looked very handsome!
Matthew's parents and the girls.  The girls were so happy to see Grandma and Grandpa for a few days!!!
Aaron and his new bride, Valerie!
(check out the shoes, she's got them on too!)
They LOVE Uncle Aaron and Aunt Valerie!  We're excited to have them close by.... (babysitters.... oh wait, who said that?!?!?)
Unfortunately, we don't have too many more pictures.  We don't even have any of Uncle Brad and Uncle Bryan, which just breaks my heart!  It was so nice to see them for a bit, for them to come out here... it's always amazing to me that no matter how young my girls are, they remember their uncles!  It's been a year since Kadyn has seen Uncle Brad and Uncle Bryan (and she's not too fond of new people or people she doesn't see on a regular basis) but she goes right into their arms as if she seems them everyday!  We were so happy to see them and look forward to seeing their wives and all our new little cousins hopefully soon!
These are just too funny, they happened about 3 weeks ago... prior to all the drama and sickness.  I just found them on my camera.
She's asleep.
HA!  Love that little bug!!!