Monday, August 30, 2010

Kylie's First Day of FIRST Grade!

My little sweet pea!
And the day has come, as my mom came over and says... "I remember when I could fit her tiny little head in my palm..."
Ugh, as if I wasn't having a hard enough time already!  I've been up since 4:15 this morning.  My mind's been racing.  What if she needs me?  What if something happens?  What if she misses me?  Okay, more likely-- what if I miss her???
As I was making her lunch this morning, I began to cry.  I'm not sure what upset me more... that she'll be in school ALL day and needs a lunch OR that she can actually read the note I packed in her lunch.  Where has the time gone???
And this is her happy as anything to walk on in.  Matthew's got the camera, I was trying to hold her hand... she was ready to play on the playground... which brings me to a hilarious story:

Kylie was playing, having a great time.  Matthew noticed some boys telling her something and not letting her go down the slide.  Matthew walked over there, asked Kylie what they said.  They told her that was the 3rd grade slide and she couldn't go down.  Well, no... Matthew was not having that.  He told them and Kylie that she could go down which ever slide she wanted!  He then made Kylie go down the slide... lo and behold, I call my friend later that morning... that really is the big kids slide... for 3rd graders and up.  Matthew's like, "whatever, small little midgets... how'd they know she's not in the 3rd grade..."  Yeah, this is from the same man who when I said a boy gave her an indian burn, Matthew said give him one back and don't stop until he cries... YIKES, right??!?  The teenage years should be fun.

And off she goes... Matthew and I got back into the car, and this instance shows how different we are.  I said to him that I hoped she was okay.  And he looked at me and said, "why wouldn't she be okay?"  He's probably more spot on than I am.  Ugh, so hard to let them go!!!

I did pull my PTA rank and headed in during her lunch shift.  She was great, having a blast, sitting by friends, loving life.  I asked if there was anything she needed me for, if she was okay or if she wanted me to stay... she gave me a kiss, said she was great and hurried to eat her lunch so she could go to recess. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Morning Pictures

AND... our first official family of 6 picture!!!
I look at this picture and it's like, WOW, since when do we have so many kids?!?! :)  It's just funny, I know we have 4 kids... but then I see this picture this morning, and I'm just like, geez there's alot of us!!!  Love it :)

Now one of all the girls:

Now one of all the girls, including me:

And we can't forget Daddy, the one who survives our household of 5 females!!!:

If you can tell, Kadyn has a lollipop in her mouth.  Sometimes it just makes life a little happier... I understand, sometimes I need peanut butter m&m's for breakfast, so whatever works!