Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kacey's 3!!!

Kacey's spent the last 3 days celebrating her 3rd birthday, which is officially today!
Thursday, she was treated like a princess at Preschool. I brought cupcakes in and she shared with all her friends. They sang to her and she got pretty bracelets!

Then, day 2 she got Uncle Bryan, Aunt Rosie and Uncle Aaron for her birthday- she's been saying that all week! And we partied at Claim Jumper, in my previous post. Super fun!


Today, her actual birthday... we went to Cici's with my parents. Happy group!

Pretty Girl.

Kadyn LOVED the balloons!

Kacey got a ton of presents, too many to name... but thank you to everyone who remembered her. She loved everything.

I searched high and low and found "Goofy's Son" (1 and 2) on dvd. She loves it, but a while back Daddy erased it from the dvr. She was heartbroken, oh my gosh.. traumatic! So she was so excited to get it... and now she can watch it anywhere in the house!

Uncle Bryan and Aunt Rose got her way cute stuff, but this bag is adorable! It's a castle with doors, that open. Kylie and Kacey play with it constantly.

I started feeling really badly for Kylie. It's not her special day, she knew that. I could see in her little eyes that she'd remind herself it was Kacey's birthday... not her toys to play with. Kinda sad. BUT Uncle Bryan and Rosie got her some special princess school supplies, even though it was Kacey's birthday :) So that was really nice.

I can't believe my little Kacey is three.... my baby who didn't sleep through the night until she was 18 months. My baby who cried for the first year of her entire life (no lie), who never slept but for a few moments in the swing, who never, ever, ever took a bottle... My baby who could understand everything I said, even at a super early age. The doctor was amazed by her comprehension at 12 months and her ability to follow directions. My baby who would melt into my chest, crawl into my body if she could just to be held closer and tighter. My baby who crawls in our bed every morning just to get her cuddles and share my pillow. My sensitive, fragile little baby.... she's a big girl now, she's in preschool for crying outloud. When did this happen!! Kacey, we love you more than words can say. You're a very, very special little girl.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Why do we not go to Claim Jumper more often?
So yummy! We had the best time, laughing and eating.We sang Happy Birthday to Kacey in honor of her 3rd birthday tomorrow.And we ordered desserts- 5 to be specific. Kylie, Kacey, and Uncle Bryan each got a cupcake. Matthew and I had the best lemon deliciousness you could ever imagine. And Rose and Aaron shared the whip cream covered football.... it was enormous. Aaron let us down, he only ate half. (To which he's going to say, BUT I ate all that food beforehand, I could eat it all if I hadn't eaten a huge dinner!)

*** So we came home and decided to do a nighttime swim in the pool. OH MY GOODNESS, if we only were video taping it... we'd win the big bucks on America's Funniest Home Videos! Bryan going down the little kiddie slide into the pool... HA! We didn't think it would get funnier than that... but then Matthew went down. The noises and faces they unknowingly made, I have not laughed that hard in a long time. THEN Bryan had to go back down, and he accidently took the slide with him in the pool. SOOOO hilarious! It's been such a fun night, we love it when you guys come visit!

Send them!

It's on everything from Cheerios and other cereals, to Ziplocs, Betty Crocker, Huggies, Hefty, Cottenelle, Pillsbury... they're everywhere!
It's an awesome program for the schools! If you have them and want to help, send them to me!!! I'm PTA Treasurer and it will do wonders for our budget. And if Kylie's class racks them in, her class gets rewarded! :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kacey's First Day of Preschool

Kacey started with Mrs. Tate today, she was so excited! I can't believe that 2 years ago, we were starting Kylie with this. Time flies.
Afterwards, I asked Kacey if she wanted to go back on Thursday. She yelled, "NO." Which instantly put a pit in my stomach. But she quickly responded, "I want to go back NOW. Not Thursday." So a very successful day. Tate's awesome, I love that preschool. She's so good with them, they learn so much! This year the class is all girls, I'm sure Kacey feels right at home. Showing off her Crayola Princess Bookbag. She's only worn it non-stop for a week now since Kylie started Kindergarten! Ugh, since when did she get so big!!!MY BABY! I was so in denial, I didn't want to leave her. She's all, "Bye Mom." Didn't even look back. :( Matthew had to pry me away.

That's an arm full! Luckily he has good balance.

My cuties.

One of Little Miss Kylie. She got a penny today for good behavior, had 5 pennies to give to exchange for a pencil, and she said the Pledge of Alligence all by herself, correctly, and got a little mini flag to take home! (She knew the Pledge from practicing it from Mrs. Tate's preschool... "indivisible" was something we had to work on a bit!) Good girl, I'm so proud of you!!! :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

I love how Kadyn's holding onto Matthew's ear.
The most random things happen in our Sunday Afternoon Picture Collection!!!
The girlies. I know, I should've worn pink.
I don't do black for my girls. I don't think they own one thing, top or bottom or dress that's black.

Kacey doing a curtsy.... random. (?)

Kadyn loves to clap... she's even starting to stand all on her own. That is until she realizes that she's doing it, then she falls :)