Saturday, September 20, 2008

One week since...

I can't believe it's been one week since we went to the hospital. It's really quite a funny story. Matthew and I went out to lunch at On The Border, in hopes spicy food might actually trigger something... maybe that helped. It was a full moon, I remember taking Maggie out back and staring at the moon thinking "let's go now!" Ironically, the nurses at the hospital said that they really are more crowded on full moon nights.
After we bathed the girls and put them to bed, I laid down and realized my contractions were 7 minutes apart, they continued like that for an hour. I went downstairs and told Matthew to maybe get his Accounting homework done (I'd only been telling him ALL week, but did he listen... no!) because we could be in the hospital for the next few days. I started scarfing down my leftovers from lunch, knowing they won't let me eat once I get there. Then, no lie, in between my contractions -now hurting more and closer together- I'm teaching him his Accounting homework so it can be done for Monday night's class. We get it done, my mom comes over... we're off to Mountain View.

Labor all night. It hurt. Out she came. Did I mention that Mountain View's food is SO good!!! WOW, I don't know if I was just THAT hungry or what, but it was fabulous. I ordered massive amounts of food for every meal, and I enjoyed every single bite. And, I really liked that they gave the husbands food too. Although he did enjoy a bacon cheeseburger as I labored around 2 am... he did the same thing with Kacey, I guess now it's tradition :) :) :)


Okay, done reminiscing. I did Kacey's hair today in pigtails. So precious! Needless to say, I had to wrap the band around about 67 times, but it's adorable with those curls coming out.

Not much else on our end. Kadyn sleeps so good, if I could be guaranteed another baby like her, I'd have 9 more.... I'll post Sunday morning pictures tomorrow too. (FYI: I'm reading Midnight Sun... I can't read as fast off of a computer screen, but I just love it and I'm heartbroken that it's going to end abruptly. I just really love being on the Cullen side of things and seeing it all from their views...)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

(instead of 5, I'll do 3 long ones... because they all pretty much run together)
1. Our most recent blessing- our beautiful Kadyn! She is the sweetest, calmest, softest little love bug ever! She is such a good baby, I just love her so much!!! She smells SOOO good, she's so tiny.... we had her 3 day check-up yesterday and she's 5 lbs & 12 oz.

2. Matthew! He's been home from work, which has been an enormous help. He's been there to give the girls the extra love they need so no one feels left out or even jealous these first few days with the dynamics of our family changing. He's taken the big girls out for fun activities, going out to lunch, doing one-on-ones with the girls... notice picture...
This is at Star Nursery, Kylie's at Preschool... Kacey and Daddy had just came from breakfast... he took this with his phone, I love it!
The things you have to do when you're the only man in the house. Kylie is doing his hair, combing and using pretend shampoo to rub his head. What a manly man! (I can't wait until she figures out that he has nails that can be painted too!)
3.The extra happiness that just bounces off the walls with a newborn baby in the house. Every yawn, every little glance from Kadyn just excites our whole family. Kylie and Kacey aren't the least bit jealous- I was concerned with Kacey since she's been the baby for a while- but they are so loving and you can just feel that when you see all 3 of them together.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome HOME Baby Girl #3!!!

Kadyn Elisa Boyd

Sunday, Sept 14, 2008 @ 5:12 am

6 lbs. 2.8 oz, 19 in. Literally 30 minutes after delivery, by looking at his bright face you'd think we'd had all the sleep in the world! Matthew got to scrub in and help deliver again which is great, I cut her cord (first time for me). I was in labor ALL night, it was brutal. You forget how much it really hurts. They kept having to up my epidural-- needless to say when it came time to push, about 3/4 of my body was completely numb. I could barely cut her cord :) Love Dr. Kahle, nothing like coming in for my delivery then heading home for a Bishopric meeting.
Bright blue eyes. We are shocked that she has hair and ALOT of it!She is SOOO happy to have 2 baby sisters.

Kacey keeps saying, Baby Kadyn, Baby Kadyn. When we got out of the car today, she offered to carry the carseat for Matthew :) and she keeps saying Kadyn's cute.

So we're home, so nice to be home and to shower in my own shower. Matthew's home for a few days, he took the older girls to get my meds, to Sonic for lunch, and walk around Wal-Mart to tucker them out so Kacey can come home for naptime. What a good dad, he's also the man for diaper changes!!! Gotta love that, those meconium poopies are rough!!! (ps- Kacey still thumbs up with the potty training, I'm going to enjoy some peace and quiet!) Love to all...