Thursday, April 24, 2008

Take your daughter to work day...

Today's the national "Take your daughter (kid) to work day," which I think was started by a really smart Mom to get a few hours of silence :)
I had to get the back image too so you can see Daddy holding her Princess Bookbag.
Kylie went with Matthew to work, and she got a really cool ADT ID badge to wear and she met McGruff. - pictures of that to come.
Daddy must work hard, because this is what Kylie looked like when she got home.

(Can't wait until next year, maybe Kacey will be old enough to go too!!!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I can't get the scanner to work, otherwise I'd post a profile picture from the ultrasound. BUT today was the big ultrasound and happy days, it's still a girl. We didn't tell the ultrasound lady that we'd taken the early gender test, mainly because I wanted her to be thorough and not biased in anyway. And since the gender test was elective, the results only came to me... it wasn't in my file.

Matthew and I are definitely pros when it comes to being able to tell what a girl looks like on the ultrasound screen. At the start of the ultrasound (I was in there for an hour) the lady said she was leaning toward girl, then she was like, "yeah, definitely leaning girl." And a few moments later, we saw all we needed to see... and she wrote those magical words on the screen, "it's a girl!" So that was really fun! :)

She's just like Kacey and Kylie. With all my girls, their legs are crossed (making gender views more difficult) and hands are up and all around the face. Let's just hope this one sleeps like Kylie did, I can't handle another sleeper like Kacey.

I did find out that the placenta is closer than it should be to my cervix, which could pose a big problem at delivery. I might need a c-section, but they're going to do a couple more ultrasounds between now and then to see if it changes at all. I'm not too concerned, c-section or not, baby is a girl and she's healthy!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Today was the big day, our pink cast... which we have to wear for FOUR weeks! She was such a trooper though. It hurt and she cried when they took the temporary splint off, because her wrist wasn't restricted and she could move it around so it hurt. The inside of her wrist is black and blue, as well as the inner portion of her thumb (which they think is more due to how her thumb was positioned in the splint not from the fracture). So we sang Twinkle, Twinkle and I gave her a little pain medicine and she calmed down.We were hoping the cast wouldn't have to go past her elbow, since it is her wrist that's the problem. But the doc said that since her arms are skinny she'd figure out how to slide the cast right off if it wasn't up her elbow. So it's up her elbow. Good news, her fingers are out so she can still use them in support to her left hand.
She's in great spirits though (as you can see). The doctor didn't impress me at all, but I did like his assistant who let Kacey play with his Blackberry while he wrapped the cast up. She also has to stay in that sling for a few days to "set" the cast in the right position. Afterwards she got to go out with me and Daddy for a special lunch (Kylie partied with Yaya and Papa and didn't miss us one bit).

Had to have one of Kylie in there too, she loves her little sister :) There really are other parts of our house, this just seems to be our "camera spot."

**Tomorrow's my big ultrasound, not too much anticipation since we know it's a girl, but it will be nice to have a second validation :)