Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I can't get the scanner to work, otherwise I'd post a profile picture from the ultrasound. BUT today was the big ultrasound and happy days, it's still a girl. We didn't tell the ultrasound lady that we'd taken the early gender test, mainly because I wanted her to be thorough and not biased in anyway. And since the gender test was elective, the results only came to me... it wasn't in my file.

Matthew and I are definitely pros when it comes to being able to tell what a girl looks like on the ultrasound screen. At the start of the ultrasound (I was in there for an hour) the lady said she was leaning toward girl, then she was like, "yeah, definitely leaning girl." And a few moments later, we saw all we needed to see... and she wrote those magical words on the screen, "it's a girl!" So that was really fun! :)

She's just like Kacey and Kylie. With all my girls, their legs are crossed (making gender views more difficult) and hands are up and all around the face. Let's just hope this one sleeps like Kylie did, I can't handle another sleeper like Kacey.

I did find out that the placenta is closer than it should be to my cervix, which could pose a big problem at delivery. I might need a c-section, but they're going to do a couple more ultrasounds between now and then to see if it changes at all. I'm not too concerned, c-section or not, baby is a girl and she's healthy!!!


Missy said...

How fun! I just love ultrasounds! I had the same placenta problems with this pregnancy and Chloe. It fixed itself within a few months both times. Hopefully yours will too!

thepainterfamily said...

yeah for baby girl!

nM said...

We are excited for your new addition to arrive. We think we will be back through Vegas again in July. We'll make sure to check in and see if you guys are up for a visit!

Hansen Family said...

Hooray! It's good to have another opinion to know it's defintely a girl! I'm so so happy for you to have your 3 little girls! They are going to be some heartbreakers when they get older! :)