Saturday, November 12, 2011

All in Fall...

 A bunch of leftovers from the camera!
Family Home Evening in our house, never a dull moment... from our dance parties and crazy running games, to our musical chairs extravaganzas!  Always good times... in case you are wondering, Kylie won.  She's a ruthless little competitor. 
Kylie was Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Kacey was Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Kadyn in Snow White... and Kloey is a pumpkin... which was a dog costume... and it was hilarious!  Bless her sweet little heart, she kept that pumpkin hat on the whole time trick-or-treating.
Since we've moved, I've been kinda anxious about the trick-or-treating-- to see how good the neighborhood is.  It was amazing, Matthew took the girls out and they were gone for an hour and half.  The came home so tired with TONS of candy.  I stayed back to give out candy, and we got so many cute trick-or-treaters... I must have gone through 7 bags of candy... I was really pleased!
So when we got home from Cabo, our special present for the girls was a pinata.  I have a feeling this is going to be the first of many pinatas; they are so much fun!!!  And Matthew configured a nice little mechanism to make it work out back.

Kadyn got to go first, 3 hits.  She did good.
Kacey next...
It didn't stand a chance with Kylie.  We don't even have any other pictures after this point, she whacked it good once... and it exploded and they SCREAMED with excitement!
So, I've been getting my craft on of late... the reason the laundry room is so big is that it's really supposed to be a hobby room, with the huge island and all the cabinetry.  Been having a fun time inviting friends over for the night and just doing fun projects.  Although most of the time, we are helping eachother battle our sewing machines. LOL

These were the cute little goody boxes I made for the girls' school teachers.  They are drink cartons from Sonic, I painted them and sewed on fabric... and we put orange colored goodies inside.
Recent Winter Purchase!
A fireplace from Lowes.  For some reason that I do not understand, it is sooooo cold here!  I love this fireplace, and so do the girls.  It's on every minute of every day.  Really pretty too at night.... and goes nicely with my Christmas music that I have playing daily :)
Last but not least... the Preschool Field Trip to Gilcrease Orchard.  Yes, we have orchards (that grow everything from apples to pumpkins, and make special cidar) and even dairies to go and visit in Vegas.... wouldn't have gone to any of them had it not been for Tate dragging me along on the field trips over the past 5 years.  HAHAHA.

I actually let Kylie miss the morning of school for this one, she loves these things so much.  I felt badly going without her, so she missed a few hours in the morning to go with... and she had a blast!  We packed lunches to scarf down in the car ride back to school, she got into her classroom and sat down... and the little boy next to her goes, "you smell like outside." 
Kylie and Kadyn, they picked a pumpkin to take home.
Kloey in her Tater Tot Preschool shirt.  I've a lifetime supply of those, in all different colors. :)
Kadyn's Preschool Class
Now we are updated until Thanksgiving... which Thanksgiving morning, I will be getting my coupon fill at 7 am at CVS.  I'm sure I'll post pictures of my goodness!!!