Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Pictures

And we are back up and RUNNING!
Sunday morning pictures before church...
Matthew took this one and said it was great, look at Kylie... what the heck is she doing? LOL

I found a bunch of random pictures on the camera.  Matthew just kept snapping; we had no idea he was taking half the pictures he took... sometimes those are the best ones!
I love this one, never a dull moment... Kadyn capitalizing on the lack of supervision.  Child is obsessed with that candle- I never light it.

 Love my sweet Kloey Belle!

For those of you who KNOW Kacey, she's such a treat!

 Kloey likes pulling hair, Kacey still in her funk.
 It's hard to get everyone happy... but we try and then life must go on :)