Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

And we're decorating!  First off, huge thank you again this year to my sweet and talented sister-in-law, Rose.  I look at these and am amazed that she made them!  I just love them!
Maggie is getting into the Christmas Spirit also!

With a little help :)
Sweet girl... notice anything odd?  
Stocking in our house has a literal meaning, and K2 and K3 call them "sockings."  I spent 45 minutes trying to find this one! (not a joke)
It's been a big month for Kloey... Solid Foods!
This is actually one of the things that is "only Kloey's."  Our other highchair was a little too beat up, we tried to give it some love... but hey, Kloey's got something that's only hers!  Love it babe, these small gifts may be few and far between :)

Notice the double chin, our goal is 3!
Love her toesies!
Okay some randoms...
I couldn't bring myself to chop Matthew out of this one... the things you do to make your baby smile!
Took us a while to get this one...

But I like this one better :)
I'll do more... I've got not one, but two Disneyland trips to post from!!!