Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kacey's Preschool Christmas Program

Kacey's Preschool class put on an adorable program about the symbols of Christmas.  Year after year, I'm continually impressed with the effort Mrs. Tate goes through for the learning and progression of her preschool kids.  The love and dedication she has to them is amazing, and it shows.  Tate goes above and beyond, and she's more than just a teacher to my girls.  I'm so grateful for all she has done for my girls who have gone to her year after year-- let's see how many more years I can talk her into doing it so I can send Kadyn too--- (more to come on  Kylie... later)... Now, it's Kacey's time to shine...

My sweet little thing :)

Kacey's symbol was the wreath, here she is putting it on the tree.

And she recited, with Mrs. Tate's help: "Eternal love, no beginning, no end.  Love never ends."

Kacey's Gingerbread House that she made during her Christmas party at school.  Within moments of this photo, Kylie and Kacey had both devoured it.... licked it to shreds until it was unrecognizeable. 

The Sunday Before Christmas

I can not believe Christmas is already here, not sure where exactly the time went!  Unfortunately, we wore our adorable matching Christmas dresses last week and didn't get a picture because Matthew was at the Redskins game in Oakland (dresses from Aunt Chiarina, thank you!)  So, we'll have to get a picture of them up soon... but here we are anyways this past Sunday...
Kylie is becoming such a little ham for the camera!  Her new favorite saying is, "I'm stylish," and she does some sort of cute pose like this. :)

Ward Christmas Party

This year's Ward Christmas Breakfast was fabulous!  So much yummy hot food, great set-up, and a fabulously energetic Santa! 
The girls loved him... Kadyn not so much.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kylie's Parent/Teacher Conference

So not to go into too much detail :)  We had our first Parent/Teacher Conference last week.  We met with Kylie's teacher, not knowing what to expect.... never done this before.  Obviously, my child is perfect and anyone who'd like to challenge me on that is going to suffer consequences... sorry, that sounds bad... but I'm an Italian mother.  That's the way it is.  I'm my kid's biggest cheerleader and no one's going to protect them and build their confidence like me.  I've had too many bad teachers to choose their side over my kid's side.  That being said, good luck to any teacher my kids have... right?!?!  Funny thing is my mom and both Matthew's parents are teachers, my aunt's a retired principal, you'd think we'd have some sympathy. 

Anyhow, we were truly excited to learn that Kylie's teacher felt the same way about her that we did.  Kylie's excelling in her class- she'd met the Kindergarten requirements for the end of the year, by the end of September.  (Thank you Tate!)  She's very kind and compassionate to the other children... and the teacher is going to keep Kylie thriving by giving her mid-to end of the year first grade material... because academically, that's where she's at.  Her teacher also strongly suggested Kylie going to a Magnet School.  Kylie's teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say, I think she said fabulous about 37 times in 25 minutes.  Needless to say, we're very proud of our little school girl!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday!  Nicole is THE best mother and wife in the entire world.  She is so caring, loving, and nurturing!  She continues to impress me day after day with how talented she is and she has amazing skills that make our marraige and family that much better. 
Please join me in wishing this amazing woman a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Babe!  We love you! 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I love that I have such a bossy, in control, it's my way only-type of 5 year old.  Because come time to do Kacey's homework, Kylie's hovering over her -pretending she's the teacher- saying, "Now do a straight line, hold the pencil like this, good... color it red, no no not like that... do it this way.  Now that's the letter J.  Go here, write your name..."  I'm thinking this is great.  In years to come, I can help Kyile with her homework, she can help Kacey and we'll do the trickle down effect.  TEAMWORK!  It's fabulous!  :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Catching Up!

Sunday Afternoon Picture

Three little munchkins!

Saturday night was St. Nicholas Day, where we put out our shoes and we're given a little surprise to let us know how we've been doing all year.  Traditionally, it's supposed to be fruit and nuts.

But we settle for chocolate and dvds!

Then Saturday morning was the pancake breakfast at school.  Santa was there :)

I missed all this because I was volunteering.  But I was very proud of Matthew... I had to get there early to set up and he got all 3 girls ready to come later on.  He got everyone dressed (same outfits), did their hair, all had matching bows (matching eachother and matching their outfits), and he used hairspray!  How awesome is that?!?!

The best part was when Kylie said that they didn't brush their teeth.  He felt the pressure to make sure they were cute and matching, with good "hair-sprayed" hair... but he forgot the teeth!  It's rough to be Mom :)  But I was still very proud of his efforts, Kacey's curls can be difficult and he did all the steps.
Me-Tate-Jodi-Rochelle volunteering, it was a fun morning!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah, so a little late.  I've been super busy lately, Disneyland photos still to come!****************
But, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had Matthew's parents come in and my parents, Uncle Aaron was here... with his new girlfriend, who's a delight, and who happens to be from Vegas.  Good times!  We had so much food, everything was fabulous if I do say so myself! :)

This is the dessert table, everything from pies to brownies and lemon squares.  The girls were very fond of my hand dipped chocolate pretzels.  They stole as many as they could!

In fact, after the girls were done eating, we let them go play in the toy room... we were still at the table.  But then Kylie walked out of the toy room and shut the light.  Kacey didn't scream that she was left in the dark?  We began a search for Kacey, we had no clue where she was.
Little sneak, she'd took a chocolate covered pretzel and hid.  She didn't even respond when we were calling her... she was too busy munching away on her yumminess!  This is her caught, brown handed.  It was the cutest thing. 

One of my sweet baby :)


We have decorated for Christmas... I feel so behind this year!  We had Disneyland and then company with Thanksgiving, so we're late on decorating.  Only 2 trees are up, the train's up, my beautiful handmade stockings from my sweet sister in law Rose, and the Willow Tree Nativity is up... please tell me why that's the one the girls want to play with!!!!  As of Sunday night, not 12 hours of decorations being up, the girls had already broke 3 bulbs! :)  We're nearly half done with tree #3, at least all the stuff is sitting on the ground in the study just waiting.  I don't think we'll make it to 6 this year... but there's always next year!  I keep telling myself that I just need to survive this week with the PTA Pancake Breakfast and organizing all the tickets and money (why did I become treasurer again?), then next week it's the not Enrichment anymore, Christmas Enrichment.  Then maybe I can think about Christmas cards... never a dull moment!  And I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

And this is Uncle Aaron's new girlfriend, Valerie.  She's a doll, super sweet.  She's coming back for Christmas break to color my hair (she's in hair school) and gave me an awesome cut this weekend.  The girls adore her and say that "Uncle Aaron loves her and she's going to be their Aunt."  Get on this Aaron! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

We're finally back into the swing of things.  I've got 262 pictures from Disneyland to sort through, then I'll do a post. :)  We had a really great time!
Saturday Afternoon Pictures
(we painted a wall, can you tell?)

And yes, I've seen New Moon 3 times.  You were all wondering, so I thought I'd mention it. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. I reconnected with a friend that I've lost touch with for over 10 years, she was my best friend for such a long time... so many fun memories have her in them!  And it's so neat that she's EXACTLY the same in so many ways.

2. We're teaching the girls the "grateful game."  We play it every day.  It's precious-- and hilarious-- to hear the things they say they're grateful for. 

3. Kadyn's sweet little voice.  She's learning to mimmick.  So if I say uh-oh, she will too... in the same tone.  Or if I say, whooooooaaaaaa and really drag it out... she'll do the same. :)

4. The love of the middle child.  I'm going to remind myself that I'm grateful that she loves me so much- she crawls in bed with me, never leaves my side, and even has to shower with me... day after day after day... grateful for the love of a child that creeps into our room at night just to cuddle and sleep at my feet.

5.  DISNEYLAND!  Even better,

Monday, November 9, 2009

Track Break Updates

We've been MIA for a bit.  With track break, we're all off schedule.  I figured I should post something before we head off for our Disneyland trip. 
Kylie's in year-round school, so we're off the whole month of November- which has really been fun... it's only Nov. 9th but I've been putting her to work!

Some painting, Kacey too after naptime... hence the hair :)

And our (their) creations:

~Apples~ Autumn~ Falling Leaves~
hard to see with paint but it's still cute

*I love hearing the Christmas music ringing through my house!!!  So fun, we're listening to songs in the car.  It's funny to see the songs the girls like- Kylie loves Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, and she always asks me to turn it up. 

I've also begun, well next to finished my family's Christmas shopping.  It's been lots of fun, great deals are to be had.  First time I've ever found coupons for toys... wow!  I feel relieved to be all done, like I can fully enjoy the Christmas season without something hanging over my head--- which is what I fully intend to do. 

Also on that note of enjoying the season- avoiding the hussle and bustle, if you usually get a Christmas present from us this year.. anticipate a New Years gift instead.  I had a friend do that last year, and she was able to get a lot more things accomplished with her kids, and baking and decorating, making holiday crafts, doing new traditions, because she put stuff aside and put what matter most first.   And avoiding the post office at all costs before Christmas will definitely lower stress levels.  So, I think it's a great idea to slow down the holiday craziness and enjoy the spirit of the season a bit more. So we'll try it :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Fall Family Picture at the park

Last Sunday, Afternoon Pictures

Kadyn and I are missing.  She was running a temperature for 2 days, I just couldn't get her below 100.  It finally broke Sunday evening.  No other symptoms until...
Late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning.  She didn't sleep a wink, she was sooooo irritable.  Life was not good.  We ended up getting really nervous, freaking out... your mind can do crazy things when your concerned about your baby.  Long story short.  Off we went to the ER.  They gave her a crazy diagnosis, ear infection and a couple other things.  Gave me 5 different medicines to dope her up on, over the next week.  Insane.  I made a dr appt with my ped later Wednesday afternoon.  She didn't have an ear infection or anything else the stupid ER dr diagnosed her with.  My ped told me to give her baby Tylenol and trash the rest of the meds I was given.  Idiot dr.  I'm highly annoyed, the dr spent all of 60 seconds with us- with no other patients at the ER, it was empty... there's just no excuses and hopefully this isn't the last you'll hear about it from me.  We're taking it further... this isn't going to fly.  Anyways...
So long story... well long... she's doing much much better. 
(And don't go to Centennial ER.)
Friday's Trunk or Treat!!!

Please don't ask what Matthew is... I'm still not sure.  He said that he's Cal Noorda (a friend in our ward) going through Med school a few years back.  (?)  The lovely 4 of us are witches... as I ask my husband, "You didn't know you lived with 4 witches, did you?"  He politely smiled and said, "I'm not answering that... I'm not saying a thing!" :)  Smart Man.

Aren't those jackets darling! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Photos

We got photos done of the girls today...

There were ducks... the girls were scared to death.  We'd get them seated and a duck (or 50) would come over, start making noises... Kacey would go running and screaming.  (Besides that it interrupted alot of our picture taking, it was funny.)

Yes, we're a walking Gymboree ad.

Oh, and we just got her ears pierced a few days ago.

Mainly, good times were had by all.  But we did have a meltdown.  I love Kadyn's face here.  Right after this picture, Kylie walked off, she's like "I'm done, I'll be in the car."  Attitude already!

This one's my favorite: Kadyn blowing her nose.  I love this sweet child!!!!