Monday, December 7, 2009

Catching Up!

Sunday Afternoon Picture

Three little munchkins!

Saturday night was St. Nicholas Day, where we put out our shoes and we're given a little surprise to let us know how we've been doing all year.  Traditionally, it's supposed to be fruit and nuts.

But we settle for chocolate and dvds!

Then Saturday morning was the pancake breakfast at school.  Santa was there :)

I missed all this because I was volunteering.  But I was very proud of Matthew... I had to get there early to set up and he got all 3 girls ready to come later on.  He got everyone dressed (same outfits), did their hair, all had matching bows (matching eachother and matching their outfits), and he used hairspray!  How awesome is that?!?!

The best part was when Kylie said that they didn't brush their teeth.  He felt the pressure to make sure they were cute and matching, with good "hair-sprayed" hair... but he forgot the teeth!  It's rough to be Mom :)  But I was still very proud of his efforts, Kacey's curls can be difficult and he did all the steps.
Me-Tate-Jodi-Rochelle volunteering, it was a fun morning!


Nicole said...

I loved the girls dresses on Sunday, they were so cute.

thepainterfamily said...

what a fun pancake breakfast! I love the outfits and hair-sprayed hair...what a good dad!!

Kaylan said... did a fine job of getting the girls ready for the Pancake breakfast! Come teach Zac how to do little girls hair! I don't know if he could put together a cute outfit for either child and do hair but it would be fun to see! Nicole you are just a busy little bee! Keep at it girl! Love ya!

The Foulgers said...

A pancake breakfast, how fun! Sounds like you girls are doing some fun activities at the school now that I'm not there!:( Matt did a great job getting the girls ready. Who cares if their teeth aren't brushed as long as they look beautiful.:)