Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah, so a little late.  I've been super busy lately, Disneyland photos still to come!****************
But, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had Matthew's parents come in and my parents, Uncle Aaron was here... with his new girlfriend, who's a delight, and who happens to be from Vegas.  Good times!  We had so much food, everything was fabulous if I do say so myself! :)

This is the dessert table, everything from pies to brownies and lemon squares.  The girls were very fond of my hand dipped chocolate pretzels.  They stole as many as they could!

In fact, after the girls were done eating, we let them go play in the toy room... we were still at the table.  But then Kylie walked out of the toy room and shut the light.  Kacey didn't scream that she was left in the dark?  We began a search for Kacey, we had no clue where she was.
Little sneak, she'd took a chocolate covered pretzel and hid.  She didn't even respond when we were calling her... she was too busy munching away on her yumminess!  This is her caught, brown handed.  It was the cutest thing. 

One of my sweet baby :)