Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kylie's Starting Gymnastics

How precious does she look?!? She looks like such a big girl now, not a baby anymore!

It's a class for 3 years olds, doing age appropriate circuits and learning listening skills. I'm all about that!!!
She really loved the class. The first part of the class was warm-ups where they have to stand on a number on the mat. Kylie understood that she had to stand on a number, so she was constantly moving around the mat and picking up her number and bringing it with her... so she could stand on it when she got to where she wanted! THAT'S MY KID! She's too smart for her own good :)
Also, after she finished a whole circuit... she put her hands in the air and yelled, "I did it!" She was quite the little actress of the group!
At the end of the class, all the kids were sitting in a circle (on their number on the mat). The teacher was going around giving everyone a stamp on their hands and feet. Kylie realized what the teacher was doing, and how Kylie was going to be next to last because of where she was in the circle... so what did she do???... you guessed it... she picked up her number and moved so she was sitting right next to the little girl who was currently getting stamped... so Kylie would be next... she's so much like her father!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Uncle Bryan and Aunt Rosie

Kacey must hate the flash, we took about 10 pictures and she blinked in all of them!
Yeah! Uncle Bryan and Aunt Rosie came to visit us this weekend! The girls had such a great time with them. Every morning Kylie would wake up and ask, "I go wake up Uncle Bryan?" Kacey found herself a comfortable little spot on Aunt Rosie and didn't move for about 3 days :)
We really miss you guys, hurry back to us soon!