Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. Sunday night, Kadyn didn't wake up... not at all! I slept so peacefully. Well, at like 3 am I had to wake her up to eat because I needed her to eat~ if you get my drift. But she ate barely opening her eyes, and back down she went. So thankful for nights like those, it makes the rough nights a little less hard.

2. My girls do clean up really really really well. Maybe it's because I make them clean up their toy room like 3 times a day so they have plenty of practice, because when it gets too chaotic in there I get a little anxious. We've labeled our drawers and we have shelves, and not only do they put their toys away but they put them in the right spot! Very thankful for their diligence.

3. Kadyn had 2 major blow out diapers this week. You know, the kind where you just throw the onesie away because it's just not worth the effort. Yeah. SO the good part, I wasn't home for either one! HA! Matthew got one while I was out voting. My mom got the other while I ran over to the pharmacy. Good stuff :)

4. This is actually something I really love... Kacey talks in her sleep. Like full blown out conversation, totally loud, like 2 in the morning yelling at her sister saying "give it back, that's mine!" At first Matthew and I would run over to her like something was wrong, now we totally don't even bother getting up. It's the cutest thing that makes her special.

5. Kadyn's blessing is Sunday, very thankful for that. Very thankful that a bunch of family is coming in town to share her special day! Matthew's family is coming in today, hopefully in time to surprise Kylie right after preschool if Aaron can get up and get moving so everyone can drive down from Utah nice and early (if you know Aaron, you know what I mean... he's 3 speeds are slow, slower, and slowest) :) Anyway, we're looking forward to a really fun weekend with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Rosie and Uncle Bryan, and Uncle Aaron!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2 QT 4 U

I saw that on a license plate and I liked it...

Here are some pictures before we went to preschool today, I need to get into the habit of taking pictures even if all 3 girls aren't in the picture. More often than not someone is in a mood (any given child at any given moment) so I don't take a picture. I need to just take pictures anyways regardless of who's not in them, so I'll try harder.
Look at Kadyn's arms, poor girl~ the pants to the outfit are great but the top is a bit long.Kadyn's like, "wait a second... you're not Mommy?!"

Look at that little smile (although she looks a little smushed!)

No Kacey doesn't have a mullet, I pulled it back in two clips. She can only handle the "Pebbles Look" so many times in one week and then she tells me to do something else and won't leave the bathroom until I put the clips SHE picks out on her head~ seriously, she does this.

You can't tell from these pictures that my girls have bright blue eyes... next time I should do some close ups, they all have amazing eyes!


So can you guess the blog post title/license plate? :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Girl!

No Sunday Morning Pictures, sorry. Matthew left for a leadership meeting at 7 am, and he called and said he wasn't coming home so he could save us seats for Stake Conference. He also wanted us- me and the girls- to get there kinda early because our Temple President (who used to be his Mission President in England) was going to be speaking and he wanted the girls to meet him. Yeah, so even with the additional hour from the time change I still couldn't get us all ready and out the door by 9:45 am AND do pictures. Next week is Kadyn's blessing, so I'll bombard all of you with pictures then :)
SO last night we attempted Kacey sleeping like a big girl.

Matthew did it, I was 100% against it. I was worried she'd play with her lamp or her piggy bank, do something to hurt herself (she'll always seem like a little baby to me) and I don't need another munchkin roaming the halls at night. Shockingly, she did not get out all night!!! Kylie was all over the place when we did this to her, but not sweet little Kacey. She's such a big girl :) Fingers crossed it keeps going this good.