Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st Soccer Game

We had our first soccer game. It was really fun, and I'm excited this is going to be our regular Saturday morning routine for a while now.
This is them getting ready and warming up... Go BLUE! Kylie loved being goalie...
She even blocked a goal, although one did get by her.
(explanation: They had a phenom on their team, 5-6 year old my behind! This girl was a head taller than the rest- now Kylie's tall (usually she's a head taller than her friends), but this girl was a head taller than Kylie... and she was missing both top teeth! NO way that's 6 years old. I wasn't the only parent that noticed, we were all talking about it... but we tried to remind ourselves that it was just 5-6 year old soccer and it's all just for fun, although my competitive nature seems to be right on the surface...) And right about here, Matthew was telling her that she wasn't goalie the whole game (they all have to share turns)... She's #1, she cried.

It was really fun. I bribed Kylie that if she makes a goal, she'll get $5 bucks. (Thanks for the idea Missy!) She almost got a goal, so close... she asked at the end of the game if she was getting $5 bucks, I said no. My dad thinks I'm horrible, and he's got $5 waiting for her the next time he sees her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Matthew's Home! We survived the week!!! Could not have survived without Yaya and Papa along the way (they're probably relieved Matthew's home too, they get a break!).
We had a small meltdown when Kylie realized Daddy wasn't coaching soccer this week, but with the help of McDonald's french fries and chicken nuggets... we pushed forward! :)

Check these out... Thanks for thinking of me Sheri, you're awesome!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Official Photos: Easter 2009

This picture lets you see the girls' pretty dresses, thank you Yaya and Papa.Earlier in the morning, like 7:30 am....

let the hunt for the baskets begin!!!Kacey looked like this all morning!

*As our Easter ends abruptly, Matthew left today at 2 pm to fly to Orlando on business.... he's gone all week. :(

Easter Saturday

Easter cannot be celebrated in a day in our house... Oh no, we definitely need 2 days to squeeze in all of our many egg hunts and decorating of all the eggs (which by the way, egg salad is highly overrated... maybe I just don't make it good enough but blah... however I did manage to eat more hershey's milk chocolate eggs in one day that any one person should be allowed to consume!)

We all needed aprons, that was a big hit!Matthew teaching the girls how to do one half one color and the other half another color. Always happy :)So hard to decide...
Them saying "Happy Easter."
I think you're seeing "ERRRR."
A big wet one!!!