Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kylie, the Politician....

A conversation with my daughter, the future politician... kind long but i loved every minute of it....

me: were you good in school today?

k1: yes, -insert smile here, a smile only a mother could read into!

me: hmm.  did you lose any stingray bucks today?  (her school's mascot are stingrays, the reward program in her class is by gaining and losing stingray bucks for good or bad behavior.)

k1: hmm, i'm not sure.

me: well, did you?

k1: i don't remember (while she's very busy doing other things around the house at this point trying to discontinue the conversation)

me: kylie! answer now! did you lose bucks today!!!

k1: i don't know.

me: i don't know is never an acceptable answer. from now on, anytime you answer one of my questions with i don't know, you will be grounded.

k1: but what if i really don't know?

me: answer the question because you do know!

k1: what type of grounded? no tv?

me: yes

k1: for how long?

me: 5 days

k1: make it three...


k1: i may have.

me: for???

k1: not sure.

at this point, she saw the frustration on my face and freely plead the 5th and said,

k1: i think i may have been kinda chit chatty. just a little. i think.... i don't remember. but i think i did, but i don't really remember.

then i gave up and decided i really didn't care all that much anyway.  she makes straight A's... who cares!  back to packing!