Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Day!

Today was one of those days where there was alot to do with only a little time to do it in, and I had a strict schedule that had to go off without any glitches. And everything ran smoothly and in a timely manner, I love it when that happens!

#1 Kacey's cast is off!!! SO thrilled!!!! She freaked out though when they took it off, not that she was afraid but it was like she wanted another one to be put on. After all, it's been 4 weeks... I guess she's grown fond of it. She keeps touching her arm like, "I can feel this!? This is weird." Dr said it's 100% healed, she won't have any problems. He did give me a disclaimer to have her "take it easy" for the next 2-3 weeks. He must not have kids.

#2 I got Kylie registered for Soccer this summer. Way excited, today was the first day of registration and I'm glad I got there early... there was quite a line behind me! We start June 12, although we'll be in San Diego at the Beach/Seaworld that week so we'll miss the first class, but after that we're good to go.

SO in honor of Kacey's freedom... we filled our little pool with water and played for about an hour in the 106 heat. They had so much fun, I busted out the bubbles and I blew bubbles in their faces, life was good. Kacey even kept her hat on the whole time, which I was delighted with- thought for sure that would be a battle!

I even grabbed the hose and put it on mist and sprayed their little faces, kids are happy with the simpliest things!

Don't worry, they had on spf 45. Kylie's my little tanner though, she's got my Italian skin... Kacey I worry about. Her skin's a bit more sensitive like Matthew's.... (PS~ for all you who know, he still has that streak on his back from LAST SUMMER. I should search for that picture... basically he burned really bad, and I did a bad job on his sunscreen ~mind you Kylie/Kacey/and I turned out just fine~ but he was third in line and I really didn't do his back very well and I wiped the excess sunscreen from my finger off on his lower back, so he ended up being crab red except for that finger mark... which one year later, you can still see!) hehe... sorry dear :) not laughing at you, I've got to find that picture...