Saturday, January 5, 2008

Redskins Game

The Redskins game was on this afternoon, my husband was so happy. The girls were content playing in the toy room and watching Cinderella. He sat down with his warm cheesy dip (that he saves for special occasions), scoops, and a mountain dew... just in pure bliss.
All of a sudden, I hear, "uuh, no, umm, wait, hey, uuh, careful, no, wait. NICOLE!"
This is what I came to... so naturally, instead of helping him out so he could enjoy a few moments... I go get the camera! Welcome to fatherhood, nothing is yours anymore!!! (hehe)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Is it really Jan. 3rd already?

No pictures today. Kacey went to her 15 month check up Monday, and we are all still recovering. (Loved the pediatrician by the way, thanks Missy)

Kacey is in the 10th percentile for her weight. Is that crazy!? I double checked it, because I thought for sure it was a mistake... but it's right. She's in the 25th for her height, so the doctor said he wasn't too concerned. But let it be known that this child eats and eats and eats. She doesn't look too skinny, does she to you??? Of course then we have Kylie, who's in the 90th percentile for her height and the 25th for her weight... oh to be tall and thin, I'm hoping those Amy Hansen genes are coming through on my husband's side.

Kacey got 3 shots. She doesn't take shots well. Kylie was always cake with shots. No temperature, not fussy... no problems. Kacey is definitely a different child... 3 days later and she's still all mushy. She sat on Matthew's lap all day Tuesday just to be cuddled. And don't ask about how she's not sleeping. Her shot pricks are black and blue too, one thigh even seems swollen... (I'm going to watch that.)

HOWEVER, Kylie also got her flu shot that morning. It wasn't planned, but the doctor looked at her and suggested we just do it. She says to him, "No, we're here for Kacey's checkup. Not me." Well 2 screaming kids and 4 shots later, we were on our way home. I had to laugh though, Kylie sat on the table first and got her shot in her arm... and screamed her head off. Then Kylie moved aside to the chairs and Kacey laid on the table, she was screaming before anything even started. She was must have just known it was going to be bad.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Morning

We had time again this morning for pictures before we were off to church... I figure if I take the time and effort to always dress them the same, I need to get it on camera.
Matthew would like me to note that he didn't interrupt our flow. (see previous Sunday Morning post, if you don't get it)

Kylie looking at the camera.

Kacey looking at the camera.

What joy when we can get one picture of everybody looking at the camera! :)

Last Sunday of 9 am church!!! Yipppeee! Our new ward time is 11 am, which means no more setting the alarm to get 3 females dressed and fed and out the door. (Don't get me wrong, Kacey will be miserable by like 12:30 when she hasn't had lunch or a nap... but you take the good with the bad.)