Saturday, January 5, 2008

Redskins Game

The Redskins game was on this afternoon, my husband was so happy. The girls were content playing in the toy room and watching Cinderella. He sat down with his warm cheesy dip (that he saves for special occasions), scoops, and a mountain dew... just in pure bliss.
All of a sudden, I hear, "uuh, no, umm, wait, hey, uuh, careful, no, wait. NICOLE!"
This is what I came to... so naturally, instead of helping him out so he could enjoy a few moments... I go get the camera! Welcome to fatherhood, nothing is yours anymore!!! (hehe)


dadTB said...

And exactly how many times did Matt "dip" into his dad's food? I would guess PLENTY!

Fatherhood is a wonderful thing and teaches us to be very patient... Right, Matt?

Gotta love those cute little girls dippin' into daddy's dip.

Good call on the camera, Nicole!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

dadTB said...

Good call on the camera, Nicole!

It's no longer just "Daddy's Dip."

Fatherhood is a wonderful thing, Matt. Face it... You're outnumbered!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Jana said...

hahaha cute

dadTB said...

Sorry about your Redskins, nephew. There's always the 2008-09 season to look forward to.

thepainterfamily said...

haha! What a funny post/picture! how true is that!

Kaylan said...

This happens everyday and anytime Zac and I have food in the living room. We call over Haley or "Mooch" as we like to call her and she comes and gets her crackers, cereal, ice cream etc. Basically if we have food in hand she will be mooching it off of us.

nM said...

I feel your pain brother.

mae said...

Right on Nicole! This made me laugh so hard!!! I love it!