Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Morning

We had time again this morning for pictures before we were off to church... I figure if I take the time and effort to always dress them the same, I need to get it on camera.
Matthew would like me to note that he didn't interrupt our flow. (see previous Sunday Morning post, if you don't get it)

Kylie looking at the camera.

Kacey looking at the camera.

What joy when we can get one picture of everybody looking at the camera! :)

Last Sunday of 9 am church!!! Yipppeee! Our new ward time is 11 am, which means no more setting the alarm to get 3 females dressed and fed and out the door. (Don't get me wrong, Kacey will be miserable by like 12:30 when she hasn't had lunch or a nap... but you take the good with the bad.)


mae said...

Too cute!! Our church is changing to 11 too! Hurray! Happy New Year!!

thepainterfamily said...

hi nicole! It IS me, tara! haha! Thanks for the comment on the blog...its great to see your cute family and what you're up to! Blogs make the world a little smaller huh!? love it!

Adam & Samantha said...

Your girls are so beautiful, you guys will have your hands full in a few years!! Hope you had a great Christmas =)

John & Bonnie said...

I love the sweaters! The girls look darling. It sounds like Kiley will be in Johnny's sunbeam class so we'll get to see more of your cute dresses each week.