Monday, September 14, 2009

Kadyn's ONE!

I can't believe my baby's 1. Time flies... I was laying in bed last night, playing the "a year ago this time, I was..." game. Amuse me... but last night the same movie was on tv, that was on a year ago (The Wedding Date- Debra Messing). I know because I was in labor all night, and I watched it in the hospital in between contractions. So I stayed up last night and watched it again. :)
I made fun little ice cream cake cones for her birthday, and of course a mini baby cake just for her to dig into...

We went to Famous Dave's today with my folks for lunch to celebrate, you know because she loves barbeque! :) It was super fun and yummy.
Yes, I'm behind her trying to snap my finger up in the air to get her to smile and look up at Matthew's phone. We had a relaxing day... by the pool! :)

MY baby girl!!! Look at that top tooth coming in, it's huge!
She's a little nervous, we were all singing.
The girls inherited my voice. When she realized there was icing on the candle, she totally bit right down.
Look at how sweet and daintily she's picking up her little birthday cake.
Very careful, not to make a mess.Right now she's thinking, "this is pretty good."Let me get in there...CLEAN ME!
Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Kadyn and I stayed home, on the mend. She got sick the night Matthew got home. She ate off my plate, from what I thought I got food poisoning from. But we're both much better! Big thank to everyone for your concern and all your phone calls :)