Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trick Your Trunk!

***Warning ahead of time... LOTS of pictures! I just couldn't choose.***
Our ward's twist on the annual trunk-or-treat... here are our 2 Minnie Mouses (that sounds better to me than mice). Anyway, not planned to make them both be the same thing. It's just Kylie loves Minnie Mouse so she wanted to be it again, and it was just easier for Kacey to wear Kylie's old one... that and Kylie got a kick out of there being 2 Minnie Mouses. Look at those blue eyes!

She looks sweet and innocent... but WE know differently!
I love that one...

Kacey doesn't seem to nervous that Kylie could drop her... we are though :)

The Boyd GIRLS!
(I love it, it used to be years and years of the Boyd BOYS, because of my husband and all his brothers... but add in some wives, and everyone having baby girls and the women have officially taken over!)

This was from a few days ago...

My cousin's husband, Frank, came out for a business trip... so we all (us, frank, and my folks) went out to lunch! It's kinda hard to see because it was such a lovely sunny day, we had a great time. Lisa~next time come with and bring the boys!!! :) .... and yes, that is my dad in shorts! He went 56 years never, ever wearing shorts and NOW we have finally broken him down!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Family Home Evening

Our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch.
I just couldn't crop Kylie out of that one... she is such a dare devil!
I love that, with Kylie's hair sticking straight up.
My sweet little angel, just amusing herself with some hay.
One Last Picture. Kacey's still fascinating with the hay- gotta love her.
By this time, everyone was worn out (moody.. as it occasionally happens in a house full of females) and ready to go... but we had a nice time! (and Kylie cried the whole ride home because she didn't want to leave)