Saturday, October 25, 2008

*Weekly Round-Up*

1. Kacey knows her colors!!! I've really been worried about this because she always mixed them up. A few months ago I asked the doctor if it was okay and he said it was fine, which made me feel better but he tacked on there at the end -very matter of factly- that color blindness was a definite possibilty and we'd just have to see. OH GREAT, something else for me to worry about. Anyway, she knows her colors!

2. We play this game after bathtime, Kacey and Matthew vs. Me and Kylie. We see who can get dry and dressed in their jams the fastest and ready for prayers. The past few nights, Kylie and I have been on the verge of winning. So Matthew (who's a horrible loser! if he can't win, he doesn't want to play... and if he's not winning like a card game or board game, he'll slyly start cheating so he can win) so Matthew comes over and pulls Kylie's jammie pants off, throws them down the steps to slow us down so him and Kacey can win. It's a big huge thing in our house every single night. Kylie freaks out, she has some issues with not being first/not winning (Matthew wants to know who she gets that from.... hmm???). Kacey really doesn't care either way, she's more like "give me some milk let's call it a night." Anyway, it's super funny!

3. I'm planning for Christmas and what to get the girls, where I can find the best deals on the toys, etc... the BEST part, well one of the best parts, about having all girls is I get to live vicariously through them. Toys are so much cooler now than when I was a kid. I can't wait to play with the toys myself!!!!!

4. Purple and Blue Day, even Daddy (I realized last night that I have no purple. I have ALOT of clothes, I don't know what is more shocking, the fact that I have no purple or the fact that I didn't know that I didn't have any purple.)

5. Trunk or Treat Pictures. Our Trunk or Treat is tonight, it's not for another 2 hours but the girls wanted to get dressed now, so I dressed them. They are Cinderella. Kacey was in a great mood, for some reason now she's decided that she's mad. She keeps telling me, "Momma, I mad." Not sure why ? But she's too cute.

6. I got gas for $2.82 yesterday, I was so excited! How sad is that, when $2.82 seems like a deal!

7. FINALLY, curtains up in my family room. Kadyn loves them, she smiles and stares at them constantly... who knows what she's really seeing, all I see are red curtains.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This week I've been realizing how grateful I am for the people around me and how much better my life is because they are in it.
1. Matthew. He's such a good guy, and I don't tell him nearly as often as I could. He works so hard and puts up with so much crap at work just so his girls can be at home and play. I'm grateful to him for that. He doesn't have a normal 9-5 type job, his cell phone probably rings more than a doctor's does. He's constantly trying to fix the problems of people beneath him, while trying to keep the people above him happy and keep all his many "numbers" profitable for the success of his office. But if I had Matthew's job and his stresses, I'd probably cry myself to sleep every single night. I couldn't handle what he does, and I'd never have any peace because it would drive me crazy. I'm grateful to him for all that he does for us, so we can be happy and content. (did i mention that he's in school full-time and he's our HOA President.. alot on his plate) AND, He woke up at 4 am this morning to go to the Temple because it's our ward temple day and he really had no time that he could go today other than early early in the morning. (you couldn't wake me up at 4 am to go anywhere, other than roll over and feed my little one!!!) Love him for that, blessing us temporally and spiritually with his perseverance and diligence.

2. Kylie has this look, it's completely her father! It's a mischievous, little devilish look~ and you can tell her brain is churning as she's concocting her next adventure (which is usually against the rules~ Grandma Boyd is nodding her head right now knowing what Matthew-look I'm talking about). Anyways my point, as mischievous as she is... she is so kind-hearted. And I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful that she's clever enough to think outside of the box (which usually ends up with her being mischievous) but it's coupled with her sweet, kind heart.

Example: This week, we went to Burger King, the girls were playing in the Playland. They always have fun playing with all the other kids. A little girl, probably about 8 or 9, comes over (little snot, you could just tell the attitude on that one). Kylie's being friendly, "Hi, my name is Kylie." The girl says in a rotten tone, "I know." Not that she knew, she was just being a snot. Kylie's trying to be friends and play, and Kylie wasn't realizing that this girl was being rude to her. I was fighting off the urge to go and smack her~~ my grandmother did that once to a little boy who was picking on my uncle, she got away with it, although at the time my grandfather ran the military base where they were, so maybe that had something to do with it ~~~ Anyway, this girl falls down (karma) and my sweet Kylie genuinely concerned with this brat's well-being, "Are you okay?" and trying to help her. My sweet kind-hearted little Kylie... I love her for that.
3. Adorable little Kacey. I love how she wears her heart on her sleeve. You can totally see right through her, even when she's trying to be a little daring, a little independent... you can see her fear and how she's trying to hide it and be brave like her big sister. I love her "cheesing it" smile, it's the biggest smile her cheeks can muster up, showing all her precious baby teeth, and crinkling up the top of her nose... it always makes me smile right back and make me want to run over and kiss her. I love her high pitched happy squeal (some days it makes me want to cut my ears off in agony) but she's such a spirited, happy girl. Gotta love it. (And those curls just make me melt, I play with her hair constantly.)
4. Kadyn has just adapted into the family wonderfully. She fits right in. I sometimes feel badly because she's no fuss at all. Poor thing sometimes is last on the priority list as I'm bouncing around with the needs of everyone else, but she just lays there contently, very complacent with life and her surroundings... kinda a "I'm fine, just get to me when you can" attitude. I'm so thankful for the sweet little spirit she brings into our home... for her little smiles at me, or at the wall, I don't care... I just love to see her smile.

5. Very thankful for my parents. My mom, she's awesome, she always helps out to make my life easier. She watched the girls while I took Maggie to the Vet, she had all 3 girls and somehow found the time to do all my ironing and take down my curtains and iron them too. My dad is great and always willing to help, he's our Mr. Fix It. Give him a project, and he's all over it. Give him something broken, and he'll have it working in no time. He knows everything about anything!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

Can we have a round of applause, I survived Sacrament Meeting with all 3 girls all by myself! (kata, how on earth do you do that week after week?) For all who missed, Matthew spoke at church and I've been gearing myself up to handle the girls for that hour... well, the girls aren't that bad, but world war 3 can break out at any moment and Kacey can be loud so I was nervous how it would all go. Although minor issue there at the end, I just didn't have a hand to grab her~ Kacey :) :) :) Many of you noticed, for those who weren't at church, Kacey "escaped" our little row and (very deliberately I might add) headed up to the stand in the front to sit on her Daddy's lap. And there she stayed! ... it was really cute.


Here are some more pics from the morning...

Kadyn's first Sunday actually in a dress not a sleeper outfit. Don't you love the matching brown and white polka dot bow, oh my heart skipped a beat when I found it! :)


Side Note: My GORGEOUS clock that I made at Enrichment!!!

(there is a 9, the lighting must be funny). This clock took forever to make, and by forever, I mean forever... but it was totally worth it. Nearly every woman in Relief Society was making one at Super Saturday, I just adore it. You can't see, but at the top it says "There's always time for family," which is a good reminder and at the bottom it says "Boyd est 2002. We -Matthew- hung it last night after we put the girls down, Kylie came downstairs and with complete elation she yelled, "Mrs. Tate has that clock!" Yeah, I think every family in our ward has that clock now in their house :)