Saturday, October 25, 2008

*Weekly Round-Up*

1. Kacey knows her colors!!! I've really been worried about this because she always mixed them up. A few months ago I asked the doctor if it was okay and he said it was fine, which made me feel better but he tacked on there at the end -very matter of factly- that color blindness was a definite possibilty and we'd just have to see. OH GREAT, something else for me to worry about. Anyway, she knows her colors!

2. We play this game after bathtime, Kacey and Matthew vs. Me and Kylie. We see who can get dry and dressed in their jams the fastest and ready for prayers. The past few nights, Kylie and I have been on the verge of winning. So Matthew (who's a horrible loser! if he can't win, he doesn't want to play... and if he's not winning like a card game or board game, he'll slyly start cheating so he can win) so Matthew comes over and pulls Kylie's jammie pants off, throws them down the steps to slow us down so him and Kacey can win. It's a big huge thing in our house every single night. Kylie freaks out, she has some issues with not being first/not winning (Matthew wants to know who she gets that from.... hmm???). Kacey really doesn't care either way, she's more like "give me some milk let's call it a night." Anyway, it's super funny!

3. I'm planning for Christmas and what to get the girls, where I can find the best deals on the toys, etc... the BEST part, well one of the best parts, about having all girls is I get to live vicariously through them. Toys are so much cooler now than when I was a kid. I can't wait to play with the toys myself!!!!!

4. Purple and Blue Day, even Daddy (I realized last night that I have no purple. I have ALOT of clothes, I don't know what is more shocking, the fact that I have no purple or the fact that I didn't know that I didn't have any purple.)

5. Trunk or Treat Pictures. Our Trunk or Treat is tonight, it's not for another 2 hours but the girls wanted to get dressed now, so I dressed them. They are Cinderella. Kacey was in a great mood, for some reason now she's decided that she's mad. She keeps telling me, "Momma, I mad." Not sure why ? But she's too cute.

6. I got gas for $2.82 yesterday, I was so excited! How sad is that, when $2.82 seems like a deal!

7. FINALLY, curtains up in my family room. Kadyn loves them, she smiles and stares at them constantly... who knows what she's really seeing, all I see are red curtains.


Mikki said...

So cute. I was giggling at the part where you guys compete to get ready for bed. SO funny that Matthew tosses her bottoms down the stairs. What sweet memories.
You have such pretty little princesses, even with a pout thrown in.

Shauna said...

What CUTE pictures!!!