Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

Can we have a round of applause, I survived Sacrament Meeting with all 3 girls all by myself! (kata, how on earth do you do that week after week?) For all who missed, Matthew spoke at church and I've been gearing myself up to handle the girls for that hour... well, the girls aren't that bad, but world war 3 can break out at any moment and Kacey can be loud so I was nervous how it would all go. Although minor issue there at the end, I just didn't have a hand to grab her~ Kacey :) :) :) Many of you noticed, for those who weren't at church, Kacey "escaped" our little row and (very deliberately I might add) headed up to the stand in the front to sit on her Daddy's lap. And there she stayed! ... it was really cute.


Here are some more pics from the morning...

Kadyn's first Sunday actually in a dress not a sleeper outfit. Don't you love the matching brown and white polka dot bow, oh my heart skipped a beat when I found it! :)


Side Note: My GORGEOUS clock that I made at Enrichment!!!

(there is a 9, the lighting must be funny). This clock took forever to make, and by forever, I mean forever... but it was totally worth it. Nearly every woman in Relief Society was making one at Super Saturday, I just adore it. You can't see, but at the top it says "There's always time for family," which is a good reminder and at the bottom it says "Boyd est 2002. We -Matthew- hung it last night after we put the girls down, Kylie came downstairs and with complete elation she yelled, "Mrs. Tate has that clock!" Yeah, I think every family in our ward has that clock now in their house :)


dadTB said...

The joys of parenthood and family. :-)

Kadyn is looking so alert of her surroundings! I love the family portrait and her eying up her big sister... cute!

Every child needs to escape every now and then. Love the story about Kacey.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

The Foulgers said...

How cute that Kasey just wanted to be with daddy! I'm glad that you survived him speaking. Your clock looks awesome. I had totally planned to do that clock, if we hadn't moved!

thepainterfamily said...

cute dress! I'm biased because I bought that dress for Lily for my bros wedding! hehe! also, what a cool clock! way to go!

Kaylan said...

I love the bow in Kaydn's hair! How did you get it match? Did it come with a bow? Where do you get all the girls hair bows? They are sooooo cute! I love the clock too! We have some neat crafts coming up for Super Saturday as well. Maybe I will finish one :)

Mikki said...

I love that sweet brown and pink polka dot dress---adorable!! Love the matching bow.
I wish I could have been in church yesterday to see Kacey snuggle up on her daddy's lap--I'm sure it was adorable.
Love that clock. I don't have one :o( --maybe some year I'll get to make it to Super Saturday. :o)

Kata said...

love the clock! And ya- you were a total pro on Sunday- and I don't usually pull it off... there seems to always be flat tire!

Shauna said...

Adorable Pictures :)

Jill said...

How cute. I love that clock. Now, maybe we can get our ward to do the same!