Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Preschool Graduation

Monday was Kylie's last day of Preschool, well until she starts up again with Tate in Septemeber.

They had a little ceremony, it was the cutest, sweetest thing! They walked out in graduation caps, sang a bunch of songs they learned throughout the year, and received diplomas. Matthew got the whole thing on the camcorder, so family members who might be coming to visit soon (or even not so soon)... it's 20 minutes long, and we're gonna make you watch it!
A picture of Kylie and Mrs. Tate. Kylie even got a special award because she's excelled in reading.
This was a family picture before church on Sunday... only took Matthew 2 years to figure out how to use the automatic timer function on the camera.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm teaching my husband patience....

Imagine my husband rolling his eyes throughout this whole post...

I have found something fabulous, and I have to share... something many of you have also found and introduced me too, and I SO thank you for that.

If you have not read Stephenie Meyer's Twlight, New Moon, Eclipse, you must. Absolute must! I'm not a reader, I hate to read, much less read for fun. I have no time with two young girls, me being 6 months pregnant, a husband who's job leaves his phone ringing nearly 60 hours a week/ finishing his degree/ and let's tack on Elder's Qrm president to that.... you get the picture, I have no time, for reading anyways. But since Friday, I've read nearly 1,000 pages of the series and with Book 3 in hand, I'm thrilled for bedtime and late, late night reading. Her writing is so vivid, it's about vampires but she's LDS and her writing/plot is amazing. In fact, Book 1's going to be a movie... get yourself intrigued BUT these books are a must read. I love Grey's Anatomy, many of you know that, this makes Grey's Anatomy next to worthless in my eyes.

READ IT!!!!!