Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kloey's Blessing

On September 19th, we blessed Kloey.
It was really great because our Bishop let us do it on the same day as the Primary Program so that worked out wonderful.  Matthew's parents were able to fly out for the weekend and visit! :)
 Kloey's dress was the dress all my girls wore for their blessings, which was actually the dress I wore when I was 2 months old and baptized into the lutheran church.  Oh, and I do have the pink dress with the white flower for Kloey also.  You should see my girls' closets, it's AWESOME!  I probably have 50 different matching outfits for all 4 of them!!!!  Yes, it's called obsessive complusive.  I know, their clothes is my weakness....
 The whole group... thanks Dudley for taking our picture! :)
Gotta give a shout out to my mom- standing right next to me... she's lost nearly 100 pounds.  Yes, one hundred as in 1-0-0.  How amazing, and on top of that... no surgery, no fad diets, no secrets... just regularly eating healthy and she's kept it off.  So proud of her, she looks great! 
 This has got to be my favorite picture from the weekend, sorry Grandpa don't be mad! :)  Kloey LOVED Grandpa's squishy, comfy tummy.  She slept on him for hours and hours.  It was precious!
Finger crossed Grandma and Grandpa come back out again soon.  Our weekend went by so fast, we're hopeful to get them out here for a Disney trip before Christmas.

Kadyn's 2nd Birthday!

Yeah, so I'm behind... what can you do!?!?!
The end of the summer has turned into whirlwind rush for us, many things going on and lots to do.  We start August with Kloey and Matthew's birthdays... we gear up for fall with our last minute school shopping and have our first days of school... just to have Kacey, Yaya, and Kadyn's birthday all within the first 2 weeks of Sept.  I'm still recovering from new schedules with homework and girl scouts (did I mention that somehow I became an assistant leader- thank goodness Missy knows what's going on!!), not to mention the start of PTA, the end of Matthew's fiscal year (loooooong late nights) plus he started school back up which means he's not home until 10:30 pm on Thursday nights... it's a crazy life!  But our sweet little Kadyn turned 2 on the 14th of September!  Had to document her special day...
 I think this is actually the Sunday prior to the Tuesday of Kadyn's birthday, but it was cute nonetheless... Kloey's having a bit of a fit.  4th child, she'll get over it :)
 So on Kadyn's birthday, she got a bunch of fun presents including a Pluto pup, she adores Pluto!
 This is the point in the year when Matthew spends his evenings putting up and taking down birthday decorations!  Kadyn got a pretty crown to wear all day on her birthday, new tradition and I think it's going to stick.  Can't get the picture to be the right way.  Honestly, too much effort to figure it out, so tilt your head.  We ask her how old she is and she says, "2" and puts up both pointer fingers to make two. 
 Happy Girl!
 This HAS GOT to be my most favorite birthday picture ever, you go girl... blow your heart out!
This is also the point in the year where we are so tired of birthday cake, my efforts are slacking... but she's at that great age where if it has icing, she's thrilled.  It's a simple life, but a good life! :)
Kadyn, our little firecracker!  She is the most lovable, precious, cutest little bug ever... she has an amazing vocabulary.  She's speaking in complete sentences that actually make sense.  Look out Kylie and Kacey, because she can full on tattle on you- WITH details!  She can count past 10, not sure where to exactly... it changes.  She knows her colors, knows the alphabet... yeah, she's only two!  I'd like to take the credit... I don't sleep at night, getting her preschool lessons prepared... BUT it's all she's absorbed from her sisters.  She looks to them and really thinks she's a big girl too!  She's a singer, always singing some random song that we've never heard of before.  AND from what we can tell, she's left-handed which we think is kinda special... none of us are lefties.
But does she have an attitude.  She folds her arms, scrunches her eyebrows and pouts... cutest thing EVER!  I should discipline her but it's so dang cute.  Kadyn has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger, no matter how terrible two's she's being he always finds the patience for her to get her out of her mood.  (if only he had that skill with all of them, but for her it works)  He hides around the corner in the house and jumps out at her, she loves it!!!  She's got the most infectious laugh, and when she does you can't help but smile at her.  Love her soft curls, love her long eyelashes, love her rose colored cheeks, love the way she says: "I no go to Nursery, I no like it, I stay witch you..."  LOVE that little bug!!!