Friday, August 6, 2010

Kloey Elisa Boyd

August 2, 2010
12:48 pm
6 pounds, 3 ounces (same as Kylie and Kadyn!)
18 inches
Sorry, it has taken a while to post these.  It has been a hectic week to say the least.  I did not anticipate a c-section to be as painful and as difficult as it was, I was optimistic and positive about it all... however, I learned fairly quickly that it was not going to be cake... it still isn't.  Anyway, here are some pictures.
Matthew right before they rolled me in.
It was all pretty fast, I just remember feeling like it was hard to breathe.  And I was tilted, oddly to the left.  I felt like a pinball machine.  Matthew asked later if I smelled the burnt skin smell.  I did not, thankfully so.
Matthew cutting Kloey's cord.
Kloey's first bath.  Matthew went to the Nursery with her, but from what he tells me... she had some major lungs!!!
The funniest part was when my parents came with the girls later Monday afternoon.  Matthew, as a good son in law, wrapped Kloey up and walked over to my mom to hand off the baby.  My dad intercepted the hand off like you would not believe, hilarious! My mom was annoyed, but my dad was just thrilled to be holding Baby Kloey.
Quick Family Shot
AND Matthew's birthday!!!
We came home on Wednesday, Matthew's 33rd birthday.  I felt badly for him, we had a card and Nike gift card to give him... but we really spent the day in the hospital.  Where he spent a majority of his day helping me go to the bathroom and even just walk.  We did manage to get him a little cake and sing! :)  We'll have to make it up to him next year.
Happy Group!
More pictures to come, it's been a long week.  Kloey's sleeping good, she's a really peaceful baby.  I'm not myself really, the pain meds are screwing me up.  Kadyn's adjusting to not being the baby, but it's hard because I can't hold her or lift her.  So she spends a majority of the day with a lollipop.  The older girls are in love with their littlest sister, and they'll sit and stare at her for hours.  Matthew's been home helping to balance life, running into work periodically to keep up on things.  My parents are in and out of our house constantly (I think they are babysitting me, which I need) making sure everyone's okay and giving everyone the love and attention they need at any given moment.  We're really blessed to have an awesome church ward here, yummy dinners are coming in every night for the next 2 weeks -- and have since we've been home.  Lots of phone calls checking in, we're here... just getting used to the new dynamics of life!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Kylie had her Kindergarten Graduation today, and I was not missing it for the world.  There's nothing worse than an Italian mother- well maybe an Italian grandmother- but there was nobody or nothing stopping me from attending!  And it was AMAZING!
Kylie had her own very long speaking part.
(Thank you Yaya for working with her on it while we were in the hospital)
She did wonderful, spoke loudly... there were some big words and the speech was super long... she was incredible.  I was crying my eyes out!
I'm so grateful for such an awesome teacher, Ms. Messerli.  She has so many students- all at different achieving levels, yet she knows each one and I felt that she continually gave Kylie the attention and challenges that Kylie needed to thrive.
She'll be Kacey's teacher in 2011.  Kadyn's 2 years after that, and Kloey... you get the point.
I worked closely with Ms. Messerli throughout the year, in the classroom and through my PTA stuff.  We've become good friends, and she had my back.... I had the best seat in the house!  Love this woman, she called while I was in the hospital and made arrangements with my mom so that I'd be comfortable while sitting at the graduation- that she knew I'd be attending... and she called Matthew last night to verify it all- making sure we knew all the ins and outs.  I got there early for my front and center seat, as you see, with my name "MOMMY BOYD" waiting for me.
Everyone with their diplomas!