Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Kylie had her Kindergarten Graduation today, and I was not missing it for the world.  There's nothing worse than an Italian mother- well maybe an Italian grandmother- but there was nobody or nothing stopping me from attending!  And it was AMAZING!
Kylie had her own very long speaking part.
(Thank you Yaya for working with her on it while we were in the hospital)
She did wonderful, spoke loudly... there were some big words and the speech was super long... she was incredible.  I was crying my eyes out!
I'm so grateful for such an awesome teacher, Ms. Messerli.  She has so many students- all at different achieving levels, yet she knows each one and I felt that she continually gave Kylie the attention and challenges that Kylie needed to thrive.
She'll be Kacey's teacher in 2011.  Kadyn's 2 years after that, and Kloey... you get the point.
I worked closely with Ms. Messerli throughout the year, in the classroom and through my PTA stuff.  We've become good friends, and she had my back.... I had the best seat in the house!  Love this woman, she called while I was in the hospital and made arrangements with my mom so that I'd be comfortable while sitting at the graduation- that she knew I'd be attending... and she called Matthew last night to verify it all- making sure we knew all the ins and outs.  I got there early for my front and center seat, as you see, with my name "MOMMY BOYD" waiting for me.
Everyone with their diplomas!


thepainterfamily said...

that is so great Nicole!!

She sounds like such a great teacher :)

are you guys on a year-round schedule in LV?

Jared and Kari said...

Love the sunflower dresses! I got one for Sam for next year because I have a matching onesie/jumper that Sam wore when she was a year old that our new baby will wear next summer. Your matching outfit fetish is starting to rub off!

dadTB said...

What a great time! She looks so happy with her motarboard hat and that missing tooth smile of her's.

What patience a kindergarten teacher has in dealing with the youngest of all our children in school.

Your teacher sounds like a Godsend.

Congratulation to Kylie and good luck in First Grade!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom