Saturday, June 6, 2009

Soccer Season Comes to an End

And today was our last soccer game. We had a fun season, and Matthew looks forward to coaching us again next year. This year we seemed to be on the younger end of the age bracket... so next year, we're gonna be awesome!!!
Here's our Team Photo
For the last quarter, Matthew put all the girls in for 4 minutes. And then all the boys in for 4 minutes. It was fun seeing all our cute girls out there :)

Friday, June 5, 2009


Naptime's been rough in our house over the last week. Kacey's been reluctant, and I'd give up and say she's outgrowing it (like I did with Kylie)... except for the fact that she really needs it! If she's doesn't get her nap, you can tell... and she cries all afternoon long. Everything will set her off. So I try desparately to get her down to nap.
I used to be able to shut her door. No good. She's walks out, I put her back in. She walks back out in 5 minutes. Repeat routine 100 times.
So we use a baby gate. No good, she's learned to climb over it.
So we double baby gate it. Oh yeah, Matthew and I are pros. We learned this trick from Kylie.
I walked up the steps and this is what I found.

So I peek in, and this is what I see. Now I'm nervous. I didn't hear her at all, so I'm not sure where she is.

And this bed is JUST right!

At least she's asleep.

Although this isn't a habit I want to create. It's bad enough she wanders in the middle of the night and I usually wake to her head on my pillow. But she's staking claim now! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coupons to Troops

Check this out!

Thankful Thursday

My greatest daily challenges are definitely my most valuable blessings.
It's funny how that works.
(too bad that doesn't make the challenges any easier)
1. We were in the store, and Kacey heard someone take the Lord's name in vain--- which she knows is not allowed. She said quiet loudly, "No, we don't say that. That's bad. We say 'Oh my gosh or oh my golly." Good job Kacey! Of which, she smiled at me that sweet little adorable smile and then said, "I'm a good girl."

2. Kadyn's crawling! Last week, it was more of an army crawl but she's learning fast. Now she's working on getting her behind up in the air... but she's a quick little slider on the ground. It's happening really fast; all of a sudden she could sit up on her own, then the rolling, now this... I can't believe she's nearly 9 months.

3. Kylie is really maturing right before my eyes. (Truth be told, I just hate it. I will be the Mother sobbing outside the kindergarten room that dreaded first day, reluctant to leave in case my super independent child needs me... haha... so someone be there to walk me out). Don't get me wrong, Kylie has her fair share of attitude. But all in all, she's such a big help around the house and with her sisters. She'd give Kadyn the food out of her mouth, or more appropriate- the toy out of her hand, if that's what Kadyn wanted from her. The love she has for her sisters, and her willingness to take care of them as the "big sister" is just great to watch.
~~~~Little sidenote story: I've noticed that at Ballet, Kylie's very mothering to Kacey. In fact, no way no how Kacey would be able to be in that ballet class without Kylie. She'd be too scared. But Kylie's always one step ahead of her, helping her with this or doing that. At one part in their routine, all the girls hold hands to make a circle. Kacey's a little slow, while Kylie's one step ahead of everything and knows when the circle part is coming. No matter what, Kylie will stop and wait to be sure she's got Kacey's hand during the part. Even if other little girls that are around try to grab Kylie's hand, Kylie won't do it. She waits until Kacey realizes what's going on (and Kacey always goes right to Kylie, even if Kylie's further away- I mean there are 12 little girls in the class, but Kacey finds Kylie) and Kylie then takes Kacey by the hand to do the circle part. It's small and simple; no one else would notice... but I notice. I notice it every time. It's precious.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

We finally figured out how to get Kadyn to not look at Daddy anymore in the pictures. Matthew literally snaps his fingers in front of her face as he sits down with us (running from setting the camera timer) and then hurls a toy over our coffee table (right in front of the camera) before it clicks for a picture. It works! Genius!


SIDENOTE: Loved, Loved, LOVED, the New Moon trailer. Here it is if you're living under a rock and missed it, or if you're like me and just want to watch it again (and again) and maybe again :)